Friday, August 02, 2013

Because Of The Red Slide

Jayden loves to climb on top of the tunnel slide.  I can see that he felt so confident climbing and he has total control of his body. But however, dangerous is dangerous.  No matter how I tell him that it's dangerous, he might break his arm/leg if he falls down bla bla bla, he doesn't wanna listen. The day before yesterday, again I advised him. Again, he did it.A group of grandmas and uncle were there and they said ..

Uncle: haiyer... Climb like that ah..

Grandma 1: ya lor. I see also scared

Grandma2: what to do? Own mother sit here also not scared

Uncle: who is the mother?

Grandmas: neh.... Next to us lor

Me: :D

I know they were trying to hint to me and talking (bad) about me right in front of me, But I just kept quiet cos I'm so used to this kinda sarcasm stuff, and there is no need to explain to them cos they DON'T want to understand what the heck is a special kid, and also its time to go home.

So at night I spoke to JD...

Me: b... You know right..... I always tell you not to climb on top of the brown slide?

JD: red slide. Not brown.

Me: okay... The red slide.

JD: yeah

Me: you know.. Today when you were climbing, the uncle and aunties all were saying how dangerous it was, and how HIS mother didn't care

JD: you mean... They were talking about me?

Me: yeah... and they trying to say  that I'm not a good mother cos I allowed you to climb so dangerously like that *sad voice*

JD: ...... 

He kept quiet and went to bed. Yesterday, while we're in the car heading towards the playground I reminded him, "remember what I told you about the red slide okay?"

And he didn't climb on top of the red slide at all.
With the constant reminder that he might hurt himself, he didn't care. But when I mentioned that ppl were saying those things to me, and it hurt my feeling, he immediately stopped it. I was surprised and glad at the same time, because finally he stopped it and also because he understood that his actions can actually hurt my feeling. :) Because of the Red Slide, I truly agree that:

People always say that Asperger kids are really selfish people and they don't really care about other people's feeling. But actually they do. It's just that sometimes they "don't get it" especially with hints and sarcasm and even if they know, they just don't know how to react.  You just got to be direct and tell it straight to them and teach them how to read the cues.

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  1. i'm gonna use your style to teach my son... because of him, i'm hearing complaints here and there too.....

    Only we mothers, know our sons well.... i sometimes wonder why other ppl tends to judge !