Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Confession of a Shopaholic Gardener

My name is Sasha Tan.
And I have a confession.
I am a shopaholic.
Not any kind.
I am a Shopaholic Gardener.
I go shopping for plants almost every week.
Even if I don't buy any, I will go and just stand there and look at plants.
I guess that is my therapy.It takes my stress away (yeahlah.......... any excuse will do right?)
And when I get notification from KebunBahagiaBersama, I will click and read and then my hands itch. But I will "tahan".....and tahan......and tahan... until I have a few seeds in mind then I will order from her. And its worst when you pay yesterday, and you get it the next day!

And you know, the owner is so nice? when you buy 2, you get one free pokok Ketup-Ketup
and even free Petai , plucked fresh from their own Petai tree. 
You see how they make me keep coming back?
But it's okay. I tahan... and tahan samo....till next time... i tahan..


  1. Gosh Sasha...I think I found a mini-me! do you have a long lost twins ?? I go crazy with www.kingseeds.co.nz :)

  2. wah got free petai al syok lor.

    Must ask the fella who commented 4<37pm tu pay you a visit when she come back from NZ

  3. fella??? i have no balls la :p....visit in 2 weeks time, free petai will be gone....can freeze ah?

  4. More plants to grow~~