Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trial and error

Every time I look out to my garden, I feel like a looser, there is nothing to harvest. Then as I was scrolling my phone, I realize that I harvested quite a lot of veg from my looser garden. So I did a compilation and to my surprise I really did planted quite a lot of veg in my garden. without realizing it, I have gone a long way this year. I learnt about gardening and also my life as a mother of an Aspie. Many trial and errors, but I'm not giving up. Gambateh Sasha!! 
Top left: My first radish
Top right: Japanese cucumber & mini cucumber
Bottom left: cherry  tomatoes
Bottom right: onions.
Top : Corn that was almost all pollinated, bottom left: baby corns
Bottom right: mini cucumbers, okras, roselles and Thai lemon.
Top left: Okras
Top right: failed beet root and carrot
Bottom left: Mugworth & okra&mint&lemon 
bottom right: okras and chilly

Top left: Cabbage
Top right : mulberries
Bottom left: okras 
bottom right: failed orange and purple carrots
Top left: Spag squash & kuchai & roselle& limau nipis
Top right: Okras & Thai lemon & endamame & kacang sepat & roselle
Bottom left : Kacang sepat 
Bottom right: Mustard 
Lastly left: spinach for Neighbour and right: snow dragon brinjals for grandma 


  1. Wow...hope to be yr neighbour lo...haha

  2. All very very very nice harvest dear. Well done!

  3. Healthy vegetables to eat

  4. you are amazing Sasha...