Monday, July 22, 2013

The lil gifts

He used to tell me that he doesn't have any friends when he was in kindy. After 3 years, finally he has ONE friend in kindy and then they moved on to std1 and he has NO friends again. *haha*

So this year he started to have friends to play with during recess and it was a big relief for me. And now he has his own set of friends at the playground. That's another big relief. And recently he told me ...

JD: C gave this to me.
Me: oh... She gave everyone or only you? 
JD: only people who sit same row as her
Me: ah nice..... :D

And then another day he came home and shows me this...

Me: oh ! paper airplane!
JD: L.A gave this to me
Me: nice! Why he suddenly gave you this?
JD:  ermm I don't know. He just gave it to me.

And the same boy offered him some food when I picked him up after school. My son was very happy taking the food and forgot to thank him. As usual I have to say "b... I think you forgot to say something" and he said "xie xie"

And then he came back and he told me
JD: today I took someone's things
Me: oh no... Why? 
JD: I don't know.
Me: how can you not know why you take ppl's things?
JD: cos.... She push it to me. So I take it. 
Me: *lol* you mean she push it to you, to give you, and you took it.
JD: ya. The cake. *showed me this*

Me: then what about this and that? 
JD: I also took that from her. I mean she GAVE me.
Me: oh so nice lah yr friend. But did you say thank you? 
JD: ermm I forgot... Again.

You know, it meant a lot to me and to him I receive small small gifts like these from his friends. I don't know if I'm being crazy or what, it's like finally they have accepted him and starting to like him. Otherwise why they give him things right? *syiok sendiri mode* 

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  1. It's nice little gifts .. yea, I think they accept who he is .. :)