Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I used to have one brinjal plant given by the nursery lady but it didn't survive. And then I restarted growing some with seeds. And I waited so long for it to grow cos it was stunted. And finally I have my first brinjal grown from seed. A Terung Giant Naga Putih. Was attacked by aphids but I manage to save it using Neem Oil (you can buy from Indian Sundry Shop) + Dishwashing Liquid + Water. Still waiting to harvest it :P

And then my other brinjal plant bought from Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya grew and gave me a fruit. This was the growing process from day to day. Amazing isn't it? 

And to my surprise, I got another brinjal grew out of nowhere.
 And it's flowering now. Brinjal plant has both male and female reproductive organs in the same flower. So if there is a helpful insect rumming around that particular flower, then I will be lucky to get brinjals. :)


  1. no wonder you have got plenty of harvest

  2. Oh my, I didn't know the purple flowers of the brinjal are so pretty. What green fingers you have.

  3. Ya, the surprise harvest feel very awesome!!