Saturday, July 20, 2013


There was once when I found JD having a meltdown and crying in the canteen after school. I kept asking him what happened and he just said "pencil.... pencil........" and "keep breaking.......". Then I found out that all his pencils kept breaking and he couldn't catch up copying what teacher said. When he calmed down, then I found out there was another reason (as usual), it was related to the pencil, and it is also related to the pencil lead kept breaking but the real reason was because the bully in his class laughed at him and called him names when he couldn't copy in time. His teacher knew about him, and she told him do not worry. She helped him to write the words in his book to be done as homework. So that night, I taught him how to deal with pencils (bring more la, and also change the sharpener, and be careful not to drop the pencils and also when no choice, he can use his black colour pencil to write) and also how to deal with the bully ( just act like as if the bully is crazy laughing by himself and not care what he says, learn to say "So What????").

Few days ago, he told me that he needed help with his homework. When he opened up his book, I asked him which part he doesn't know how to do and he said :

JD: dunno? I never copy

Me: how do you expect me to help you, if you didn't copy the question??Where is the question from? Textbook?

JD: .... No. Blackboard..

Me: What!!!!!! How am I supposed to help you now? Why didn't you copy the question?!!!

JD: Because....... All my pencil broke. So I cannot copy. :(

Me: *blood boil* AGAIN????? My God! I gave you 5 pencils and all of it is broken? And you have your emergency pencil box with another 2 more pencils inside. This is not the first time that this happened. You know very well you can use your black colour pencil to write too right?!Tomorrow, you go to school and copy from C. Do you understand me? Or you tell yr teacher that you didn't copy on time because your pencil broke......(*mumble to myself* Kek sei ngo lor.... Really make me
High blood pressure. Wanna explode edi...)

And then he said "mami.........." and he gave me this. Then he told me that he was too worried and forgotten about the extra pencil and his black colour pencil.

*sigh* *breath in breath out*

And then I gave him 10 pencils to bring to school everyday. What to do? keep reminding him about it and probably a few more times, then maybe he will remember.


  1. That bully really needs a tight slap! So young already so arrogant. Sigh....parenting issues.

  2. pls tell me all the nice n caring teachers in std1. and i start praying now that P will get "zong" to the nice teachers.