Monday, March 25, 2013

Which One Do You Love More?

People asked me "do you love your JD more or JT more?"

I said equally and no one believe me. So I did a test and I asked JD while JT was in sch 
Me: do you think I love you more or titi more? ( Risky question I know... )
JD: I think you love ME more
Me:  why?
JD: cos I always help you and titi is always tired.


And I did the same when JD was in sch
Me: titi do you think I love u more or kor kor more
JT: (He misunderstood and said ) I love you and kor kor same
Me: no, I mean, do you think I love you more than kor kor? Or love kor kor more than you?
JT : (And he replied very quickly) I think you love me more ^__________^
Happy that they both think I love them more than the other party. As long as they feel they are so loved, What other ppl think is not very important isn't it? ;)

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  1. I agree. As long as both your sons feel the love from you , that's matter most.