Monday, March 11, 2013

Did You Know: Swan School Bag

Did you know that you can send your kid's Swan School Bag, back for repair if it breaks during the 3 months warranty? I forgot about it until my sis in law told me about it. Jayden's sch bag broke not even after 1 month of using it. So I quickly send it back to the outlet where I bought it from (yes, you can only send it back to where you buy it from and not any other stores). They told me they need 2 weeks to repair it.

This was the price list for the repairs, if you send in after the warranty period. Wah..... If i were to pay for the damage, it will be rm50. And the new bag is rm79.90. @_@

And within a few days, they called me up and told me that the bag is ready for pick up. As soon as I got into the car , Jayden said "WAH!! My bag handle is so Yellow!"

Good as new, for the handle but the rest of the bag is already very cacat especially the wheels. Anyway just let him use till max before we buy another one for him.

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  1. Thought SWAN supposed to be very good brand, why withing one month broke and the rest of the bag so cacat :(