Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Me: ti... If you have a rocket with only 2 seats, who are you going to bring and fly with you?

JT: fly to space?

Me: yeah.

JT: *think think* my rocket got more than 2 seats wan. It got 4 seats...

Me: this rocket only got 2 seat, cos very narrow, no more place to put seats. So who are u gonna bring jek.....?

JT: I'll make the chair upside down so can fit 4 seats.

Me: O_o no no, only 2 seats.

JT: my rocket very special wan. I can put the chairs outside the rocket.

Me: eh.. Put outside the rocket will die la that human. So? Who? Who are you going to bring? Daddy? Me ? Or kor kor?

JT: *think think think* i cannot bring dadi cos he is very heavy. Later my rocket cannot fly how?

Me: so... Only me or kor kor left.

JT: *think think think think think* I bring.... You lor....

Haha it's so obvious that he wanna bring his brother but he didn't wanna hurt my feeling.


That night I asked JD,

Me: kor... If you have a rocket that can fit 2 ppl only, who are you gonna bring?

JD: titi! (wow that was Fast???)

Very glad that they really adore each other, I hope for a very very long time.

2 of them monkey-ing around during JD's 7th Birthday dinner.

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  1. Their brotherly love is so lovely. I don't think my two girls are so bond to each other like yours.