Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's growing?

These brinjal plants were given to me by the nursery boss. She told me that the brinjal will not survive and I shall wait for the seed instead. It's a new breed of brinjal she said, mini plant that can start to bear brinjal very fast. So I went home and replanted them into a bigger pot and surprisingly one of the brinjal continue to grow bigger ( picture : left). The other pot's brinjal became smaller and smaller (picture : right) and eventually became a seed. So I replanted the seed and hoping that new plant will emerge.
After the brinjal fell off and became a seed, the plant became bigger and one day I found flowers blossoming. This is a 3 days old flower. Hoping that new brinjals will appear soon :)

I have started a facebook page just for gardening. If you're into gardening, come join us lah! :D

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