Monday, October 15, 2012

Sasha Cooks: Basil Chicken

Let me tell you something. I hate to refer to recipe books(but i still do, cos I like to look at pics :D ). Cos the ingredients are usually so long and I need like a gazzilion sauces just to cook one dish!So if you see my recipe here it means 3 things:
1. need very lil ingredient.
2. its very easy to cook.
3. no specific amount of this and that. Just hantam!

So here is my first Basil chicken.Yum Yum!

here's what you need:

ChickenMarinate with
:Garlic (chopped)
Fish sauce
Brown sugar
Soy Sauce

Yellow bell pepper (or any other veg)
One bunch of Basil (remove from stem,only need the leaves)Oil

1. Add oil and fry the chicken.
2. Add bell pepper and basil
3. Eat

And best, you can replant your basil stem and you will get Basil growing in your garden. How cool is that?


  1. yeah.. basil chick.. yumsss

  2. The basil chicken dish looks good!

  3. Yummy!! You need to share more tips on ur gardening too!!:) thanks!!

  4. Basil can plant with steam? I din know. I used the seed from matured flower my friend gave to me and dont wat to do with the plant now coz hub doesnt quite like the taste. Can even used to fry egg and my friend said it can cure cough. But the kids are avoiding eggs now :(