Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BYOB Subang Roadshow : USJ 6

We're so honoured to be invited to join in USJ 6's carnival back on October 6th 2012. The main purpose for the carnival to recruit members for the RA for USJ 6 area.

Before the actual day, my sis and I started to upcycle the pallet that we found across her office. With a jigsaw, sandpaper machine, hammer and some nails, we manage to put this up. Not bad eh? Faster say nice lah...

The day started as early at 7am. Of course I wasn't there at 7am. I gotto wake my kids up and pick up my niece to help me to babysit the kids  for me while I work. Although there are not many booths, but the respond was good considering that it only covers USJ 6.
The residents listening to the VIP's speech.
Hannah Yeoh was there too.

Another VIP.

The BOMBA was there. The POLICE was there also displaying gruesome pics of dead abandoned babies, murder victims and a whole collection of different drugs. I didn't know people use our paper note to inhale drugs too :( 

The stall that sold the most things. Our makan stall :)

And of course, our mini booth.
We had a good day explaining and introducing our products.
Some customer came and told us "Hey.. I have seen your pamphlets before but I threw it away cos I don't know whether your stuff can use or not" And guess what? After we spoke to them, they bought. And they went home and bring more friends over. So now you tell me, can use or not? *lol*

The stall opposite us sell rabbits. Cute cute cuddly rabbits. Arghhhh *geram*

All the participants received free coupons from McD.

And that's my eldest eating nasi lemak with his legs up and one shoes missing *lol*

The BOMBA then invited some residents to demo on how to put off fire.  Justin volunteered but they said he was too short and too small for the safety jacket. :(

The carnival started at 8am and ended at 1pm. Shocked to know that the world is really a small world. One of the committee member is my reader. *shy*

*wave* hello Patsy!

Me and my boys. 

And the babysitter of the day. The girl that I used to take care of when I was in college years. And now she is as tall as me. 

That's our first ever roadshow. Boy! We're dead tired by then. And after that we headed towards BYOB Subang again and continued with our day in the shop. *senget* But honestly it was a good roadshow, good exposure for us and the visitors.

If you have any carnival around Subang area, do contact us and let us join the fun :)



  1. Spotted your Cotton On top, Sasha.

  2. love the pallet you converted into your creative. Geee...i tot they were selling Rabbit Satay when I first saw the picture, hahahaha!!!

  3. yes love the pallet!! memang nice la wei!

    well done u guys, great job

  4. Great to have such roadshow to intro your product. Your son is enjoying himself with the nasi lemak. haha...