Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What are you thinking about?

in the car, when suddenly everyone is so quiet...

Me: titi.. are you sleeping?
JT: nope. I am just dreaming (daydreaming) about making a heart for you.
Me: Wah so nice....thank you. Kor Kor? Are you sleeping?
JD: I'm also day dreaming. I'm dreaming about how to make a gold ring for your ringman finger. Because now you only have silver.
Me: wow. So nice la you kor kor. But I already have a ring on my ringman.
JD: But yours is silver only. Do you like silver or gold better?
Me: *lol* I like diamond.
JD: No. I am asking you if you like gold or silver.
Me: I prefer silver. Actually I like platinum.
JD: You like silver ah? Then I shall stop dreaming about making a gold ring for you. Because you already have what you like.
Me: :D

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