Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finally P&O is out.

After our first visit to the dentist, both my SIL smsed me the contact for child friendly dentist. So since one of the is just opposite our Dr's clinic, I said " hey why not just bring and see what she says". So off we went to Smile Dental.

The kids were greeted with Nickelodeon's cartoons and also a play area. When she called Jayden into the room, she told him that the chair was a spaceship and he can control it if he press a few buttons. He got too excited when she allowed him to press some buttons to see the chairs going up and down.  Then got him up to the chair and began to inspect his teeth.

He kept asking her:
can you change the channel?
can you increase the volume?
yes the kid can watch tele while the dentist check on them.
And then he asked the weirdest question
Can you remove your white gloves? I don't like it O.o

So the dentist checked and said that we can remove the teeth today but with a jab, but looks like JD is not going to cooperate while she jab his gums. So best is to go home and shake the teeth and hopefully one week later it will be better and she can remove it using the numbing gel.

Just to introduce him to dentistry, she said maybe she can polish his teeth and let him feel how is it like to visit the dentist. So she polished his teeth, he giggled and said it's ticklish. He saw the paste she used and asked her "is that strawberry toothpaste?" She said "no. Its bubble gum flavour". "Can you give me strawberry flavour toothpaste?". She said "okay. this is strawberry bubblegum flavour toothpaste". Voila. he sat quitely and she polished his teeth without any fuss.

So its been a week since the last visit and today was the day to remove his so called crocodile teeth.
Can u see the extra teeth sprouting behind? That's the new teeth. The dentist said it's quite shaky but not that shaky. So we need to apply some gel and quickly remove both the teeth, F-A-S-T. She told me "mummy, please harden yr heart". I said "naah... no problem". And she started. 

(do not watch with yr kids. Otherwise you will freak them out!)

1,2,3........10. And he cried so loud and began to tear. It's been so long since I am helpless when any of my babies cried in pain (cos i usually laugh at them and say "i told you!")  But I manage to held back and told him something lah. I forgot what i said edi. You can hear it in the video. hahah

Anyway, the process was fast. And while he was crying I gave him a new train. And quickly he went off to open and play with it. But scream once in a while, while waiting for me to do my filling.

So I took the teeth back and washed it really nice and dried it up. 
And put it into the Baby Tooth I won from Fab Moms & Tots long time ago.

place them exactly to the tooth placement in the mouth 

the album with the plastic container.

His name written on the album

The date that it came off.
Now do you know why the blog post is called P&O??
cos the placement of the teeth was labelled as P & O in this chart.

I'm so proud of him. Spoke to him after we got back from the dentist and he told me it's not painful anymore. But he is scared to eat cos he said "later the food go into the hole how??" So I guess it's gonna take him a few more days before he can settle down.

If you would like to bring your kids to a children friendly dentist, I'd recommend you Smile Dental located at :
14-A (First Floor)
Jalan 21/12, SEA Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: +603-7875-0727


  1. Thanks for recommending this clinic. Keen to bring my kids there for check up to get them accustomed to going to dentist. Don't want them to be like me, scared to death of dentist even now. I am so worried of the time when I have to deal with my kids losing their milk teeth, dunno How I will cope.

  2. Mummy is so brave ^-^

  3. the back 2 teeth are adult teeth ?
    so later need to push forward??

    i m scare man..

  4. Though i'm an adult, i'm still nervous going to the dentist. Jayden is so brave. Having 2 teeth removed at the same time is not easy. I can see that the holes are pretty big *scary*

  5. So brave plus remove 2 teeth! Good boy JD!!

  6. i always loved dentist visits as a child (and still do!) that baby teeth album is fab. i wish i had one growing up, too. but all i had was a glass jar. speaking of which, i have no idea where that went... lol. also, what programme do you use to edit (and caption) your photos? (:

  7. My most dreaded place... the other time when I saw the dentist pulled out my girl's two good teeth, I was so heartbroken! :)

  8. Yay! Another milestone for Jayden. "P&O", now I know. :D

    Happy New Year Sasha

  9. Keep praising your boy that he looks so handsome after the two baby teeth were extracted. He will be fine very soon.

  10. Hey Sasha,,,here wishing you a great 2012.....

  11. Saya juga takut cabut gigi.. hehe..

  12. Oh my legs turned into jelly when I watched the video. My hubby commented the same thing too. I dreaded to go to dentist since I'm small (and I still do..~)

    After watching the video, geeez....gelinya~~~ hehe

    Jayden is a very brave boy and you are a very brave mami too... :)

  13. I like the baby gigi album! My student encountered the same scenario too whereby her teeth grow behind the baby teeth. I told her to tell her mom to remove the baby teeth coz she said her mom is unaware that she has grown two new teeth behind...

    Jayden is brave, but you are braver! Hehe.

  14. Can c the teeth r not vy loose as the roots r stil quite long. That means the dr needs to twist twist a bit to extract them. And she oni used the numbing gel. Brave boy! *clap clap clap*
    Btw, Happy New Year to u and ur family, Mai Kia!

  15. Anonymous12:30 AM

    er... i hope u didn't bring JT along... this is refer to the video....