Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taiping Equine Park

We're in Taiping during Christmas for a road trip Ipoh-Taiping holiday with my in law's family. One of the activity we did was to visit Taiping Equine Park so that the kids can ride on the horses. If you are wondering where is Equine Park, its around the Taiping Lake Garden, on the left before the Zoo/Night Safari. (it's a one way street around Taiping Lake Garden so everyone goes round and round like merry go round). 

This is the price list for the different rides.

Jayden got very excited and surprisingly he asked to go on a ride , by HIMSELF.  I though okay fine.. maybe he'll chicken out at the last minute. But  I was so wrong.

Happily wore the helmet and hopped on THAT particular horse that he like.

I am so proud of him. No sign of fear at all. No wonder they use horses for therapies with kids.

He kept patting and "sayang"ing the horse for that 2 rounds. Can see that he loves the horse ^_^

What a pose right??? *LOL* actually I think he was scratching his head or adjusting his helmet.
Guess who also wanted to ride after he saw his kor kor riding on a horse?

The lil guy wanted to ride but with one condition - IF mami goes along. What to do ? Go lah! He was pretty excited when he got on the horse. But as soon as the horse started to walk, there were TOTAL SILENCE. For the first time, my son is speechless. Ha! Even I am abit afraid cos the horse is the biggest one so we're quite high from the ground.

He told me "Mami, I am scared". There's still one more round to go so I told him "No need to be scared. Prince (the horse's name) is the best horse here. He is the ONLY white horse here. A special one. And he is handsome , just like you!". Syiok lah after that. And we survived 2 rounds of riding on a horse without him asking to go down halfway. Phew!

I can say I'm pretty happy that we brought them here. I discovered that Jayden is fearless and is very adventurous compared to the brother. And both of them enjoyed the ride. So did I. :D


  1. I stay here, but I haven't brought my kids there yet! It was interesting experience.

  2. yeah wor...i heard there is a therapy centre there for kids right...

  3. Brought my kids to Zoo Negara last month. My girl wanna ride a pony there, but no one tend to us that time. So, tak jadi. Your boy so brave, ride a horse some more!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I stay at Taiping too. Great that you made a visit here.


  5. There's a similar equine park in Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa too. The horse-ride is only RM1 per round while horse-carriage ride is only RM1 for adults and 50sen for kids. Cheap! And kids love it too :)

  6. hey brave mama!! not bad! I think I dare not ride one la..

  7. Luv his pose on the horse!! Very "yau heng". ;)