Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What to tell the credit card man

Okay, so I used to get approached (by the credit card man/woman) alot but now, less. (hehe probably I don't have the OfficeLook anymore eh?) So, I have tried a few excuses to give to them so that they will stop bugging approaching me. But this was the latest story...

Credit Card Man(CCM): Maam, credit card for you!

Me: *smile* I am not qualified.

CCM: Sure qualified wan! You have credit card?

Me: Yeap. But I am not working. And its a supp card.

CCM: Oh.. Like that ah. But why not you try and sign up and see?

Me: *big smile* look, I am a housewife.

CMM: OOhhhh.... thank you ah....*bounce off*

See? Not qualified, also still approachable.

Not working also still approachable.

But when you mention the H word, I mean Housewife word they will eventually bounce off.


I just love to see their facial expression when I mention it. It's as though they have met with a ghost and they will quickly walk away and find new prospects.

I used to think that its like an insult to housewives that even credit card man also think that we're penniless. But in this case, NEVERMIND lah..... less ppl bugging me, kan?


  1. I always tell them 'see my face you know I'm not working' but they were still adamant. Great. Next time I'll use your tip. Thanks!

  2. ahahahha i will say, u guarantee me 100k limit, then i will sign up. then they leave me alone.

  3. Yvonne, haha yeah try it

    Rachel, Ooooh of course u can say that. U're rich;) I cannot tell lie, later ppl hear then cone kidnap me how? Haha

  4. Great tips you share here. I never know this H word is powerful. I will try next time when I get bugging from CCM. I never thought of this before.

  5. LOL. we share the same destiny eh?

  6. Good tips. Will use the "H" word next time I been approached by the sales person! hahaha!

  7. next time say "i am using your card now, thanks" sure they ignore you coz no more usage

  8. next time say you are home minister and watch their reaction.

  9. oh.. housewife cannot apply for credit card?? I dont know wo ... actually, I told them, I have the card already. End of story.. I don't know the powerful H word.

  10. Aiyo....mana ada. they must be thinking i m a sor-por *crazy lady*