Friday, August 29, 2014

Anyone can compost!

Read an article today in TheStar and they say that composting has come to a dead end as people are just not interested (and lazy) to compost kitchen waste and we have problem with place to store our rubbish. It's not that I'm a gardener and I'm saying this, but what is so hard? Seriously? You just need a bucket or container with holes underneath, add some soil, throw in the kitchen waste (uncooked veg, fruit peel, egg shells, fish waste, and like me... Fruits and veg that got spoilt because I totally forgot about them in the fridge, hehe) and top up with some soil.

Once in a while use a garden fork (or wood, or anything) to turn them. And not long after that you can get dark, rich soil for your garden. Seriously, it is not hard!!!

If everyone were to do abit, we can all help the environment, minimize waste, and also save money (no need to buy fertilizer maaaa)

Just remember to cover it well so that flies can't get in, cats won't go poop in it and also rats won't go dig it ya. 

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  1. I love feeding my compost bin with my scraps veges too! N of course in turn my veges loves being fed by the compost, but the possums are the main benefiter of all! >_<