Monday, August 11, 2014

Selecting the Right Mini Dress

Okay, so that day on my hub's birthday we went for Birthday Celebration and we took a family picture. When I posted it on FB, so many people asked me if I'm pregnant. -_-'' Anyway NO. It was because of the baby doll mini-dress I bought from Krabi. Since I bought it from the roadside I didn't get to try it on before I bought it, and I chose it because of the prints without looking at the cutting of the dress. Adoi....So now I have to wear it at home :(

So to avoid wearing the wrong dress again and being asked if I'm pregnant,  so I googled and found a few tips on how to select the right mini dress for me. For example, if you want to draw attention to the neckline or chest, you can select mini dresses with ruffles or cinched waist.
Pic Source: Zalora

This type of mini dress design gives attention to the top part body of a woman and help creates an hourglass figure. Besides that, if you want a more subtle approach in highlighting your chest, go for pleats or folded neckline mini dress for an added dimension. However do avoid bulky or chunky necklaces so that it won't take the focus away. 

Pic Source: Zalora

For those who are blessed with a fuller chest and wish to tone it down, they can choose mini dresses with a loose bottom half. That's if, you want to even out your body shape in a subtle way. However, if you want more attention drawn to accentuate your bottom half, choose a mini dress which has more coverage up top with an A-flared bottom as it will be the perfect choice.

Pic Source: Zalora

And not forgetting those who are born with a devilicious hourglass body , what else is best for you except bodycon mini dresses? My thought - if you have it, flaunt it! Don't be afraid to play around with bold colours and if you're uncomfortable with body hugging minis, then you can always go for lighter fabrics and flowing lines while maintaining the hourglass look. (Wah, I love this brown and pink bodycon dress from Zalora!! So Sexy!)

Not everyone is born with the perfect body (in fact no one has a perfect body!) but you can always accentuate your body with the right kind of mini dresses according to your body shape that will make you look good all the time plus shopping now is so convenient with shops like Zalora, so many designs and brands to choose from. You can even shop in your pyjamas now ;)

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