Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bravo Laundry Tool

Okay. Very aunty post. But heck-lah. I'm so damn busy, if I find anything cheap and good that can help me with my chores, I'll get it and I will share with my readers. So call me Aunty lah, I don't care  At least I'm an efficient one. :P

Anyway I found this tool in Mr.DIY and it's Rm7.50 ( or was it 7.90?. Eh I forgot lah... Cannot remember so many things. Hehe). Anyway what I remember about this tool is that, it's called "BRAVO". I laughed when I first saw it. It's a ball to protect your bra in washing machine and it's called BRAVO. So appropriate. *lol*

I know it's not a "new" thing in fact it has been around for like many years. I used to have one and it was like Rm 15 from pasar malam and not long after it broke and my son used it as a toy :S

So when I found it in Mr.DIY I bought and thought I should give it a try again, cos I'm so lazy to do separate laundry for the clothes and bra. 

To my surprise this tool is very durable and best of all it's cheap and good. Save my time to do separate laundry. Hehe

You just open up and wrap the inner ball with yr bra , close it up and toss it into the washing machine. Love this tool, I went and bought another one. 

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