Monday, September 01, 2014

Sasha Bakes: Maangchi Roll Ppang (bread roll)

Last week while waiting for my customer's reply ( btw, I design from home) I thought why not try the new recipe from Maangchi, Maangchi's Roll Ppang (bread in Korean). She make it look so easy, and I thought I won't fail. The recipe she gave was just for 6 bread rolls and I thought since I am using the oven, why not double it to maximise production. And I was blur, I put too much butter, and I read the flour ingredient wrongly , she said 1 1/2 + 1/4 four. And You know what ?  My maths calculation is so good, I put in 1 3/4. And then as I was doing + baking at the same time.. then I smacked my forehead "WHAT!!! it's 1 1/2 into the dough and then 1/4 is for later use to knead the dough". And I over knead the dough. No need to further say more, my dogs love my rolls. *lol*

Of course I was sad la... fail AGAIN! So yesterday was our Hari Kebangsaan ( Independence Day) so I thought why not try again. And so I watched her youtube again and again to make sure I don't screw it up this time. The dough was rather sticky and so I didn't get to knead it so well, so I thought "okay.. another fail bread. Sure my dogs are very happy" and surprisingly the bread came out GOOD! The colour is a bit dark cos I turned the temperature too high (was rushing to go out for dinner with my parents) however the texture is so soft, just like how she mentioned - Like Cotton Candy!

Didn't realise that I actually baked a bread that looked like our national flower- The Hibiscus ^_^

I'm gonna try again, but this time I'd add more sugar and also some milk powder to make it smell nicer cos the bread is quite plain but it's good to eat with jam. Yum Yum.. Finally a good-to-eat bread!