Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kidzania pictures

I was so blur. I thought I can pay and download the Kidzania pictures online. So I didn't bother to view my kids and their cousin's picture when we were on our way out. When I got home, I went to kidzania's FB page and I couldn't see any button. So I sent them a message asking for the link like some dunggu. Then my friend told me "you pay and print the picture, then come home you can download the soft copy". So I thought " okay....sigh. Our 2nd time and I didn't get to see my kids picture, again! "

Surprise surprise.. On Monday I received a surprise message from Kidzania and they asked me for my contact number so the person in charge can call me and assist me.

On Tuesday (today) the person in charge for the pictures called me and told me usually they only keep the pictures for 3 days only but because of school holiday they're a bit busy and my pictures are still there! So the arrangement was, to go to the counter, mention the person in charge's name, and they will escort me to the Sony shop to buy the pictures. I don't have to pay for the entrance fees. :D 

So I went at 12.45pm and I was out of the place by 1.20pm. I was given a tag and accompanied by a staff until I reach the Sony Shop. The process was so simple. You just gotto remember which slot you went to (morning or noon) and which "occupation" your kids went to. If your kid(s) can remember at which area that the photographer took their pic, that will be even faster.

So if you didn't have the time or forgot to buy your kids picture from Kidzania,don't  worry. You can just send them a message and tell them you want to buy the pictures.

It's abit pricey but we don't visit Kidzania so often. And JT was so cute in the outfit, So what the heck, just buy la!

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