Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cendol Bakar Durian

We were on our way to Sekinchan so we drop by this place in Kg Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor for the famous Cendol Bakar. Why bakar we asked. Not like they fire up the icy cendol like Crème brûlée  its just that the sugar was cooked with fire. O.o direct translation of "gula dia, kita masak cara bakar" . Go figure. Trademarked. Don't play play. 

Anyway this was my second time having this. The lumpy durian melts in your mouth.

Nice to have, once in a while. Not everyday. 

If you hate to wait, you can even drive through. No joke. And here's what they have. Just for you all to look see and plan what u wanna eat when u get there. 

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