Saturday, April 05, 2014

Fake Singer Needles

Brought my Singer Sewing machine to the Damansara Uptown branch just now for a "flu" check-up. Haha my sewing machine has on and off minor hiccups now and then. So the owner and his wife recommended that I should buy the golden needle because it is more durable and stay sharp longer than the silver ones.  Sharper needle gives your sewing a neater sewing effect. 

Upon showing me the difference, he highlighted to me that there are many fake Singer needles in the market. And he showed me a whole range of fake needles and I'm surprised there were so many and I bought some before from the sewing shop thinking that "who wanna sell fake Singer needles?". 
Pic: left top and bottom is original Singer needles. The left bottom is the golden needles that I bought. The rest are all fakes. Even the one next to the original silver needle is very much the same packaging but take a look closer an you will find out the difference. 
Can you spot the difference? 
Look at the S logo.
The left packet is showing the entire head and the head on the right packet got cut off? 
And notice there is a Singer button at the middle red strip? 

A packet of original Golden Singer needles is rm10. And you know.. Some of the smaller Singer outlets are also selling fakes. I bought some bobbins from a Singer outlet before and it gave me so many problems and I didn't know that the bobbin was giving me problem until I showed it to the ppl and they told me its fake although there were Singer Logo printed on it. 

Aih... This is crazy. Even needles have pirated ones nowadays. So don't think cheap and small stuff like this wont have pirated ones. It will affect your time and sewing outcome so look properly before buy ya :) 


  1. oh i see...i didnt notice this before.

  2. wahh needles also got fake ones? the authentic ones very expensive? if use the fake ones will spoil the machine?