Friday, November 07, 2014

Sasha Bakes: Pandan Hokkaido Bread

I baked pumpkin Hokkaido bread using the pumpkin that I have harvested from my own garden the other day and my hub refused to eat it, cos he said "you know I don't eat pumpkin" but I know that's not the only reason cos he always complains that the bread from my Tesco Bread Machine is too big, not square. Don't ask me why. It's just something about square bread that he likes.

See? Not square! 

See? Too big!

Since I have a bunch of pandan leaves and left over of whipping cream, I just decided to bake another loaf although I haven't finished the pumpkin bread yet. 

For own reference: (cos my brain is failing me!)

See? Very square bread! 
The colour is not vibrant cos I'm using natural pandan colouring and flavour. If you want to have greener effect you can use pandan serani.

Pandan Milk 120gm (refer to step no.1 to get Pandan Milk)
Whipping cream 75gm
Egg 1
Sugar 40gm
Salt 1tsp
Milk powder 25gm
Cake flour 30gm
1/4 tap double action baking powder (i use Clabber Girl brand)
Bread flour 270gm 
Yeast 1tsp
Butter (add in after first beep) 1 tbsp

1. Cut pandan leaves and add in 120gm of fresh milk in Thermomix. Speed 10, 15 seconds. Remove and use a teabag  (I use the teabag bags from Daiso) and pour the mixture into the bags and give it a good squeeze. That will be your pandan milk.  

2. In the bread pan, add in ingredients from top to bottom following the sequence and after you have added the bread flour, just dig a small well and add in yeast in the middle. Do not let the salt touch the yeast. If you are using the same spoon, please make sure u wipe it real clean ya :)

3. Select Sweet Mode. 2lbs.  Doesn't matter what colour crust cos you are not baking in the bread machine. But if you are then choosing light and medium should be okay.

4. The bread maker will mix and then stop for a while. When you hear the beep sound, add in room temp butter.

5. After the machine stopped kneading, switch off the BM. But if you are baking in the bread maker, leave it and you are done.

6. If you want to shape it or bake in a pullman pan: The dough will rise double in size (45 mins -1 hour) remove from bread maker pan and punch it. Knead it till it pass the finger test (poke into the middle and the hole remains and slowly spring up) or window pane test.

7. Divide into 3 portion and flatten it then roll it up and arrange into the Pullman bread pan. (You can refer to this expert's page to see how she roll and arrange the dough in the pan. Btw, her recipes are great! ) Remember to oil your pan with butter especially the cover.  Let it rise till 70% of the Pullman bread pan.

8. Put in oven 180degree for 30 mins. The dough will rise till the entire pan is filled, so you will get a very square bread.

9. After done, remove from pan and let it cool on wire rack. Otherwise your bread will be wet.
See? Cool them like this. 

If you want even more perfect bread that looks like Gardenia or Massimo , you can use a bread cutter. Can find in Mr DIY for rm7.90

So this time my hub got what he want. Square bread. Pandan square bread. And not "not-square" pumpkin bread.
He's happy. 
I'm happy.

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