Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Essential tool for Banana Mum

Do you have a child that is going to chinese school and you're a banana mum?

Me too!

In fact I have 2 that will attend chinese school in 2015. And since I can't read or write chinese, I usually have to ask people around about what did the principal just announced and so on. But then filling forms might be a problem cos you cannot ask people to fill up for you. So 2 years ago, I went and ordered name stamps for JD and I used it when I had to fill in forms. It was so easy. So this coming year, JT will be going to standard 1 and I made new ones, with bigger fonts this time.

A standard name stamp like this is about Rm 4.50. But it also depends on your design and size.
I usually stamp all my son's textbooks, activity book and buku latihan with this too and I can use it right until they graduate from primary school. I'd say it's a rather cheap and good investment for a banana mum like me :D


  1. have made this chop :)

  2. Good Idea though.
    I will just let them write their own names on the book. In fact, their teachers will always ask them to write their names on the new books and workbooks immediately when they receive them to avoid mix up with other students in the class which i find is a good move.

    1. Ya, this is more for me to use rather than my kids.