Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shrimp Paste Air Fried Chicken Wing

When I saw someone shared about frying shrimp paste chicken wing on FB, I thought "Hey. That's so awesome cos there is another way to marinate the chicken!" My JD loves chicken wing and I'm out of ways to cook it for him. So when I saw the little lorry that sells Thai food stuff (will post about it later) I quickly buy this shrimp paste.

And it looks like this inside. Like our typical belacan but then it's soft. I guess using our belacan also can-lah

So I marinated my chicken wing in a zipper bag (the best way to marinate without making your hands dirty and smelling like ....shrimp paste) Marinate with some shrimp paste, sugar, shaoxingwine and garlic. (I think adding an egg will make it nicer)

And then give it a massage like this. Zip it up and keep in your fridge. Better if its overnight otherwise 1-2 hours is good enough.

So one hour before you want to fry your chicken wings, prepare the coating. I used plain flour and also a little bit of Clabber Girl's Double Action Baking Powder.

How much? this much. Agak-agak. According to many people, this is the ingredient to make your chicken wing much crispier. And I agree.

Give it a good coat. Or if you want, you can marinate it in a zipper bag again. And leave it for an hour.

Toss them into air fryer. Set temp 180 at 15 mins. However, depending on how fat your chicken wings, better to check if it's fully cook or not.

And Tadaaa! Shrimp paste Air fried Chicken wing without any oil!

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