Friday, February 14, 2014


Read a story book about a girl born with vitiligo patches that looked like the world map with 7 continents with JD so that he knows what it is and he won't ask or say something that will hurt anyone that was born with vitiligo in the future. So I asked :

Me: so... If next time you see a person with vitiligo, what are you gonna say?

JD: you have nice patches 

Me:  kor kor... No! You don't say things like that.

JD: err... Your patches looks like the 7 continents? 

Me: *tahan laugh* kor kor! No no! If you see anyone with vitiligo you don't say things like that. In fact you don't say anything cos you know why they got it right?

JD: cos they got it when they're a baby? 

Me: aiyoh.. No they are born with it. So next time if you see anyone with it, you just act normal okay?

JD: ok. 
Nice patches? *lol* oh my jayden!

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