Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Corn and Water chestnut soup

Ah... The weather is going crazy hot these days. Typical CNY weather but this year was the worst. I heard draught is happening too. So I think I better take precaution just in case my kids get overheated internally and I end up nursing sick kiddos later. So I stood at the wet market and googled "Chinese soup for Hot days and "corn and water chestnut" appeared so I went and bought all the ingredient. And then when I got back, I tried to look for the same page, I can't track it back.

What to do? Simply whack la. After all its just boiling soup right?

And this was my soup for today.

And then I tried googling again and I found the recipe here.

Boil it for about an hour and you have a cooling drink for the family.

Here are some benefits about water Chestnut. Preg ladies, do take precaution about consuming water chestnut ya. 

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