Friday, May 25, 2012

I found more bird cages!

Okay I admit. I got a "thing" for bird cage ESP white ones. I have a few, but these are my faves.

I went to Paradigm, and I saw this shop. Kaison.
The look of the shop is so inviting like as if asking me to "come in.... Come in...."
It's such a big shop with so many lanes and different categories.



Soft toys


Vases, artificial flowers, wrapping papers. So much more and not forgetting BIRD CAGE!! In white and it's cheap! What else?? Grab lah!

See how nice they blend in with my collections?


Monday, May 21, 2012

The RAT didn't die lah!

One day, the parking uncle came to our shop.

Uncle: my house ah... got a lot of ants. I tried the chalk la..i tried the spray la.. everything la. All also so expensive. All also cannot work.
Me: oh then you should try our OMG insects. Worked for me. I just spray on my kitchen table and wipe dry. No more ants after that.
Uncle : *disbelief face* sure or not. How much is it?
Me: Rm7 one liter only.
Uncle: Okay. Give me one liter. I go home and try and see how. My house everywhere also got ants wan.   Alot. Everywhere.
Me: *sweat* so much ah? then you use some and dilute and mop the floor also la. okay?
Uncle : Can mop also ah?
Me: yes yes. 1 part to 50 parts of water.
Uncle: need to rinse or not?
Me: no need. just leave it dry like mopping floor.

The next day... I saw him at the mamak stall with the sour face. I thought the omg insects failed. So i asked him..
Me: hi uncle. You try the omg insects edi ah?
Uncle: NOT YET LA. *angry face* I go home so late, no chance to try also.
Me: oh.. okok you try first and let me know ah...

And he came the next day to buy dishwash...

And the next day he came to buy pine gel.....

Me: really ?
Uncle: yes lah. I spray , the RAT ALSO NEVER DIE
Me: Buy.. omg insect is for insect leh.. not for RAT uncle.
Uncle: yes lah.. I spray the door ah.. the RAT still come and scratch the door!
Me: but uncle.. this one is not for rat leh.. for ants and cockroaches. That day you say your house alot of ants. Kau tim edi wah?
Uncle: NEVERMIND. I killed the rat edi.
Me: O.O how?
Uncle: I use the glue lor. The fler so hungry go eat the glu and mati. So now i need this pine gel to wash the place. So smelly. Can use ah?
Me: can... you gotto disinfect the place fast , cos very poisonous wan.
Uncle: okay okay..

And he came back the next day..
Me: Hi uncle. Hows the rat thing. Cleaned edi ah ?
Uncle: NOLAH. too smelly.
Me: of course smelly ler. that's why u need the pine gel to make it not smelly.
Uncle: BUT AH.......your insect one really can use leh. I spray the ants, straight away they mati.
Me: wah good good.
Uncle: *look around*
Me: You need anything today?
Uncle: er... give me laundry powder la. Good or not?

hahaha and he is our most regular customer. Everyday he will come and buy something for his wife to use.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thanks babes!

I received a big bouquet of congratulatory flower on the opening of BYOB Subang last 5th May from Barbara, Elaine and Annie. What a surprise! Thanks babes! So it's been a week and the flowers started to wither. So I have no choice but to discard the flowers and I found out that the metal stand is very sturdy. So I converted it to a blackboard stand for our promotion. Not bad right? Haha so thanks girls, you not only gave me a bouquet of flowers but you guys gave me a blackboard stand too :)
left: me and the big bouquet stand , right the recycled bouquet stand turned into a blackboard holder. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Refilling detergent in squirt bottles

I used to buy dishwash in squirt bottle containers until I started buying refills from BYOB. And I found out that squirt bottle caps are kinda hard to remove cos it's not the screw on type. So
I experimented and now I can remove caps within seconds. So this yesterday morning, so happened that my customer brought so many squirt bottles over to BYOB Subang. So I asked my hub to record and see how fast I can remove the bottle cap. Haha I myself was amazed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY: Leaky Tap

One of the gadget that we've DIY in our shop was this container for leaky taps. The detergent will still continue to leak for a while before it stop so I thought why not do something to collect the detergent. This is not something new as I have seen some ppl doing it in pinterest. I'm not gonna take credit for someone else's creativity :P
Step 1: Draw the bottle using markers according to the shape that you want.
Step 2: Cut with cutter. Please be extra careful when you cut. I'm used to using cutter so I can do it fast.If you're not used to using cutter, please do it slowly.
Step 3: One became 2. Draw another "hole" mark with your marker.
Step 4: cut the hole. (please becareful!)

And the end result. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

From User To Owner :)

Remember I used to post about BYOB stuff?

Well, my sis and bro in law was interested to open another branch and they wanted me to join them. So tadaaa, BYOB SUBANG JAYA is ours!

When I told some people that I'm opening BYOB is subang, thier first reaction was:
Didn't know it was family business?
The funniest was : Sasha! Bring BYOB to here and there lah!

When I first write about BYOB stuff, I have never imagine myself will be running a branch. 0 % idea. The reason why I promoted it was because I find that the stuff is good and affordable. And the secondary reason was because my friend was the owner of BYOB. So no, the owner is not my family. *lol* and I don't own the BYOB brand, so sorry. I cannot simply bring it anywhere. I wish I can, but I can't.

I was so busy with my designing work and also traveling the week before the opening. Thank god my sis and bro in law was there to arrange everything. For me, I just designed the flyers and decos for the outlet. The night before the opening, we all worked at the shop till 1.30am.

our sticker which we sticked ourselves, before we pulled the shutters down at 1.30am *yawn*.

The next morning, I picked up my niece and then off we went. The opening time was havoc, with many friends and relatives came not only to celebrate but to buy as well. We didn't get any pic of the crowd (my bil's uncle did but we have yet to receive it yet) but I manage to snap some pics with my blogger friends who came to support me.

 The first was Tracy. All the way from Cheras. Thanks for the gifts Tracy and thanks for coming. :)

The flowers from the love Charlie's Angels : Annie Q, Elaine Tan and Barbara.

Chanel and her family. Thanks guys!

Rachel. Thanks for your support!

ChumsyAshley came to support me. She is model leh! If she is famous, I have proof that I took this picture before. hahahaha

And Dinah and her kids. She even brought her own container to carry the detergents back to her car. Thanks babe!

I forgot to take pic with Leena and her kids. Sorry babe! And thanks so much for supporting.

It's been like 5 days since we've opened our shop. Although its opened, there are still a lot to be done. We're still fine tuning the decos (will upload the DIYS deco we did for your shop) and also informing the Subang residents about our shop. Our shop-neighbour is very happy with our concept and he said "hey why don't I give rm1 discounts to all your customers when they buy my popcorn?". 
So here's our first joint-promo with our fellow neighbour. So nice of him kan? And trust me, once you try the popcorn, you'll love it.

So if you happen to drop by BYOB Subang Jaya Branch , and if you see me please come in and say Hi! 

**Cheap Used Cars @ CarSifu**

My husband loves to change car. Thank god he doesn't change his wife like how he changes his car. *lol* Anyway, he wanted to change car, AGAIN! *sigh* I'm just dreading the time where we got to advertise it in the newspaper. Then people will call at ungodly hours. Then we gotto send the car for a good wash.  And then to arrange to meet and to see the car. Ding Dong Ding Dong don't know for how long and then only we manage to sell the car.

This time I'm going to ask him to sell it via CarSifu. Just snap some pics inside out and post it up. The potential buyer can view the car and if they are really interested then they can leave their contact number or email for us to contact them back. No more calls in the middle of the night!
Great! The potential buyer can leave their number and we can call them back at our convenience.

The cars are separated according to the brands and when you click it, it will show you the cars according to the model. I mean, this is something good especially for me cos I'm not a "car person". If I were to buy a car, I'll just go direct to the model and brand and not look at every single car. Buying a car is not like shopping for clothes you know? You don't just "happened to see the nice colour and decided to buy it".

Anyway, he is going to change car again. And I'm still driving my first car since 2000. And its manual. *sigh* I wonder when I'll be able to change my car to at least an automatic car. Driving manual car with 2 kids around is really no joke especially when you're trapped in the traffic jam. *hint hint*