Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY: Leaky Tap

One of the gadget that we've DIY in our shop was this container for leaky taps. The detergent will still continue to leak for a while before it stop so I thought why not do something to collect the detergent. This is not something new as I have seen some ppl doing it in pinterest. I'm not gonna take credit for someone else's creativity :P
Step 1: Draw the bottle using markers according to the shape that you want.
Step 2: Cut with cutter. Please be extra careful when you cut. I'm used to using cutter so I can do it fast.If you're not used to using cutter, please do it slowly.
Step 3: One became 2. Draw another "hole" mark with your marker.
Step 4: cut the hole. (please becareful!)

And the end result. 


  1. It definitely can save a lot.

  2. Aiyah, why you show how to do this? YOu shd produce and sell back to BYOB big boss ... muahahaha

  3. Great idea mama!

    Happy Mother's Day to you :-)

  4. Wow!! Great idea!