Wednesday, May 09, 2012

**Cheap Used Cars @ CarSifu**

My husband loves to change car. Thank god he doesn't change his wife like how he changes his car. *lol* Anyway, he wanted to change car, AGAIN! *sigh* I'm just dreading the time where we got to advertise it in the newspaper. Then people will call at ungodly hours. Then we gotto send the car for a good wash.  And then to arrange to meet and to see the car. Ding Dong Ding Dong don't know for how long and then only we manage to sell the car.

This time I'm going to ask him to sell it via CarSifu. Just snap some pics inside out and post it up. The potential buyer can view the car and if they are really interested then they can leave their contact number or email for us to contact them back. No more calls in the middle of the night!
Great! The potential buyer can leave their number and we can call them back at our convenience.

The cars are separated according to the brands and when you click it, it will show you the cars according to the model. I mean, this is something good especially for me cos I'm not a "car person". If I were to buy a car, I'll just go direct to the model and brand and not look at every single car. Buying a car is not like shopping for clothes you know? You don't just "happened to see the nice colour and decided to buy it".

Anyway, he is going to change car again. And I'm still driving my first car since 2000. And its manual. *sigh* I wonder when I'll be able to change my car to at least an automatic car. Driving manual car with 2 kids around is really no joke especially when you're trapped in the traffic jam. *hint hint*

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