Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Simple watering system for your garden

One thing that really makes me worry is not able to water my plants when I'm out, especially when I travel. So after some trial and error, finally I'm able to construct a simple watering system for my mini veg garden. You need a watering timer like this.

It's about rm120-rm150.
P/S: it comes with a cover, to block water from going in. Remember to close the cover otherwise your timer will be soaked in water and it's a total lost.

And you need a few other tools, which I will mention in the video.
I did this for my gardening page right before i left for my Sydney trip.

There are many places that you can buy the tools, some imported so its more expensive and if you're like me who likes to save $ you can try buying from Formeniaga. I heard they're having year end sale now.

Okay some ppl asked me why not just install the 360degree sprinkler that we use for grass. You can use that, however I have a few reasons:
1. you only water the pots that you want to water. No water wastage and you don't encourage weeds growth.
2. some plants like pumpkin leaves, the leaves will have powdery mildew if the leaves touches water when it's hot. So watering the soil is better.

I hope you find the infos and video here useful.
Happy Gardening!

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