Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Homestay in Campsie Sydney

We were in Sydney just last week for our yearly vacation. The last time we were in Australia was at Melbourne in 2012.  We bought the flight ticket like one year ahead during the AirAsia midnight sale and our ticket was only Rm17, not including tax and what not. Since Sydney is a metropolitan city, everything is expensive. And after searching hi-and-lo I manage to find this little home stay via It's in Campsie, ard 20 mins away from the city if you are traveling with the train. And this little home stay is just are 10mins walk away from the train station. Traveling in Sydney with the public transportation is very easy, because everything is on time and the bus/trains comes very frequent. It is a quiet town and mostly Asians stay here, with few Asian mini markets and a Woolsworth nearby if you wanna shop for groceries. 

When we arrived, our host welcomed us with his baby. Then we found out it was actually his home and whenever he has guests coming over, he'd go on holiday with his family. How cool is that! It is very homely with many personal touch like their certificate, his partners' train toys from 20 over years ago, books, boardgames, Movie DVDs and so much more.

It's been a while since I have posted our pictures in this blog. I have no choice because people actually steal my pics, took my son's pic and put in the adoption site. So I have to watermark my pics big big now.

The master bedroom with the baby cot.

The very spacious kitchen that is fully equipped with all cooking utensils.

if cooking indoor is not enough, you can have a mini Barbecue party just outside at the balcony. 

The 2nd bedroom which our kids trashed later. 

The shared toilet. Everything you need is here. Clean towels, Shampoo for adults and kids too. And even rubber ducky toys for the kids to play when they bath. There are also washing machine and dryer located at the common laundry area at ground floor.  For this vacation, we packed really light since we don't have to bring towels and only brought a few sets of clothings. Everynight I just wash our clothes and it's dried the next day.

Overall we are very happy with the stay here in this little cute flat. The price is reasonable. I think we spent ard Rm1800+ for 6 days and 5 nights. This was my first time using airbnb to book our accommodation and I'm quite please with it. Will continue to use it to plan for my other trips.

  • If you are traveling with your family of 4 on SUNDAY, you can purchase the AUD2.50 tickets (for one person) from newstand that entitle you to travel with any train/bus/ferry for the entire day.
  • If you have 2 kids, you only have to pay for one kid. The 2nd kid travels FREE.

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