Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Aloe Vera to treat sunburn

We just got back from Lombok, Indonesia and my son is burnt ! Poor boy looked like Zorro *lol*

Today (2 days after we were back)  His lips were swollen and his skin started peeling. So I asked my good friend via watsapp and she told me "Aloe Vera, you have that in your garden right?" 

Ah yes!!!! I do!! So I went and cut off one and applied for him. 
And 2 hours later his skin started to peel when we're having lunch at McD ( that explains the ice cream moustache)

And this was like 3 hours after applied. And I applied another round for him hopefully it will help him to recover faster. 

Ah....the wonders of gardening :)  you won't starve and you can heal too. 

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