Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sasha Cook: Hidden treasure bomb

Headache thinking what to cook everyday. Even if my kids eat whatever I serve, I myself feel bored if I cook the same thing over and over again. So to make things "happening"I thought how to  combine food but also easy to prepare.

So tadaa!!!
Haha what a name! But I cannot think of anything fancy. Aisay i should have dress it up more with cucumber or tomato slice or what not to make it more nicer. but nevermind la hor??? Anyway for own record (cos I usually forget after I blog it out) the ingredients are (in agak-agak qty)

Marinate Minced Meat (chic/pork) with:
Oyster sauce
Soya sauce
Sesame oil
Abit of sugar
Abit of pepper
Some chopped coriander
ShiaoXing wine

Fish paste (I bought from wet market) 

Hard boiled quail eggs

Here's both the meat and fish paste

Mash both of them up ,equal amount

Wrap the quail egg with the meat+fish paste

Dip in egg

Dip in breadcrumbs. 

Carefully place the bomb into oil. And fry it till its golden brown. 

Here's how it looks like when its sliced into 2. My kids love this.

I survived another day of cooking :) 

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  1. thanks for the recipe, i like the combination. I got problem to find fish paste from wet market.