Sunday, May 26, 2013

ApicAday: Love & Support

Cutting hair has been an issue with JD. He says that the snipping hurts him and also he hates the cover around his neck, it chokes him. It's a very common issue for Aspie's for being extra sensitive towards things that shouldn't be a prob to any regular guys.
It's been weeks since we asked him to cut his hair and he just refuses to go and his hair has grown to look like a ninja-go helmet. On Sunday night, my dad briefly asked him if he wanted to cut his hair and he said "can lah...." And immediately we drove straight to the barber at 8.45pm just before the barber closes at 9pm to accompany him for a hair cut. One customer, with 5 cheerleaders. My dad, my mum, hub, Justin and I was there to accompany him. That's what I call love and support. And I'm lucky that my parents are so supportive.


  1. Sasha, you are indeed blessed to have such supportive parents.

  2. jd reminded me of my LO, screaming murder last year. She hates the hairs that fall on her skin. Maybe you're right, very sensitive towards certain stuff. Now wokay pulak. Sit there quai quai, no need to be carried :P

  3. Tactile sensivity/defensiveness tak pe perlahan-lahan get use to it. My son also get very edgy if use the hair cut razor to cut his hair. Cuci telinga pun susah have to coax him many times.