Monday, May 13, 2013

aPICaDAY: Haircut

Without them, where can I find Rm6 haircut for my boys?


  1. My hubby still prefer to go to such barbers for his hair cut! Cheap and good hair cut!

  2. Hi Sasha, your above pic reminds me of my young days having an Indian barber to cut, trim my hair. From a very young 6 year old to my was always either an Indian barber or once awhile a Malay.
    And I have never been to a barber girl, no way! Today where I am, I have an Indonesian barber.

    And back old days it was Rgt 2. And that include back slapping, the twist of the neck East to West to get rid of the creaks. Not to mention the cheap cologne that smells like something that cat brought back.
    Its a wonder none of us had our necks broken too.

    You got a great looking boy there. Won't be long before he tells you, "mommy, I want an Elvis Presley hairstyle". Ha ha ha.
    You have a nice weekend and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards,