Friday, April 24, 2015

Teaching Dyslexic Kids Punctuation Marks

Another problem that Dyslexic/Kids with learning difficulties will face is with punctuation marks. I didn't know until my son came back with a 0 marks for an english section. And I realise that he writes in a linewithoutanyspaceandpunctuationjustlikethis . I have been trying to teach him for the longest time to apply capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, spacing his words and the full stop. He also have problem remembering that names and places should be capital letter in front too. So happen I was browsing Dyslexic Tutor in Facebook and I saw one of her post about punctuation marks and then I remember that dyslexic kids are more visual learners and best is when you can apply pictures and cartoons for them to remember easily. How cool is that. This is a keeper!

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