Monday, February 22, 2010

Maidless....Life goes on, right?

Well, some of you guys alreday know it. My maid resigned and "action-ly" said she will pay for her own flight tix and airport transportation. So apa cerita you asking me. Mari saya cerita. I so long time no bitching in my blog edi.

So that day we're in one of the shopping mall in Subang. The maid and niece wanted to go pee. Jayden said he wanted to pee. So they took him. Once reached the toilet niece went in to pee. Supposedly, niece come out, maid go in and pee. Correct? No. She a 19 yr old Cambodian asked a near to 4 yr old boy to wait for her outside the toilet while she happily pee. And guess what? My sis came back from brining my nephew to pee (after they left) and brought my son back. My sis told me she found Jayden in one of the shops outside the toilet. And where is the maid? Oh she happily walk back. So I asked her why is Jayden not with her. She shouted at me saying she already told him to wait. She is very Fast she said. Insisted that she is in the right. Then we went to the playground and I asked her to tell the story again (her side of the story cos just now my sis told the story). She repeated again " I ASK HIM DON'T GO ANYWHERE! I VERY FAST WAN". She pressed my "ANGER" button and I couldn't held myself so I shouted at her at the playground. The other parents also shook head when they heard what she said. C'mon. Can anyone be so brainless asking a 3-4 yr old stand outside the toilet and wait?

So she got pissed and showed me her "HOKKIEN MEE" face (black face la...). I told her I had enuff of her. She did wrong, never said sorry and still wanna show face. So after that, she just buat muka the whole night. And then when we're about to leave, I asked her "where is Justin's shoe?" She said in the bag. And when I turned around she ran back to the playground and took the pair of shoes from the rack. That is her style, LIE first then DO. Same philosophy for my housework. If lie,if can get away with it then no need to do. If maam check then only do.

So the next day, she came to me

Maid: Maam I want talk u something
Me: Not today. I don't want to see your face today. Go and sleep la.No need to do anything

She got pissed and pushed something on the floor in my working room. Went downstairs and BING-BANG dunno what. Then 1 hour later she came again

Me: Fine, talk"

When she told me, I was looking at my Mac Screen. I was stunned cos earlier I told Big C that I want to send her back, But he said NO. Cos he said after i send her back ,no one will help me. SO when I heard she wanted to go back. I thought O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y!. I said :

Me: fine.. you want to go back. No problem. You buy your own air ticket.
Me: And also you pay to go to airport yourself.
Maid: OKAY CAN!".

She thought she has some pay she is very rich. So immediately I drafted a letter while she is standing next to me and I made a phoen call to the agency. NO ONE PICK UP. stil in cny holiday. Then I remember that she used to have this paper given by the agency just in case she get tortured, she can call for help. Luckily I have the number and so I called. It was the boss's husband. ANd they said they will only resume work on Monday. I gotto keep her for freaking 5 days with me. So I told her..

Me: okay not I don't wanna release you. Your agency don't wanna come take you. So you think where you wanna go for these few days. I will send you there.".

She stood there and thought for a while and told me:

Me: okay... then i send you to Hotel la.
Maid: .........
Me: then? where you want to go?
Me: well, go and ask your boss. Ask him what to do now.
Maid: (walked over to kids room and came back)..sir sleeping
Me: then u wait for him to wake up then u ask him. Okay?

Then big C woke up and I told him...
Me: Naah... i didn't ask her to go ah. She resigned.
Big C: then how now?
me: well, she said she pay everything herself ma. Let her go la. Samo wanna keep her ah?
Big C: so now gotto send her to the agency?
Me: Agency not open until monday. Send her to hotel la.
Big C: Can meh? If anything happen to her how?
Me: Then?
Big C: let her stay in our house until monday la. Buy food for her ( YOU SEE LAA... WHERE TO GET SUCH GOOD BOSSS???)
Me: samo wanna feed her
Big C: Aiyoh I already been feeding her for so long. What is these few days.

He went down and came up.
Big C: I ask her to stay here until Monday. Asked her to stay in the room.
Me: Fine.

And so.. she dropped everything on that day and went to sleep for days... and days...... just in the room. never do anything,. She will come out when the kids are not in sight, only when she go to toilet, only when we're not around. Yes we left her at home alone. But no keys. Ppk asked.. "eh what if she burn the house?". Very simple answer .. "make sure she burn the house PROPERLY. otherwise if she is alive she goes to jail.".

So I cooked lunch, woke her up to eat at 1130am. yeap baru bangun, syioks!. Samo maam cook and invite her to eat. the rest we bought food for her, asked her to cook whatever she want. But being lazy fler she only cook maggie mee using microwave.

So... what about the kids?
When she told me she wanted to leave, Justin was sitting on my lap. I told him "

Me: Justin, say bye bye to Ning cheh cheh. She donn't want you anymore. Say bye bye
Justin: *remove pacifier* bye bye ning cheh cheh. *put back paci and walked off*

Jayden leh?
JD: Mami.. where is ning cheh cheh ?
Me: she go home edi.
JD: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: its like this wan. People come, and people go. She want to go back home and see her family ma. So let her go home lor ok?
Me: you cry also no use. she left us edi.
Me: okay go buy.
Me: haha nolah., Buy peach colour.
JD: NO! brown!
Me: okok brown la. hair leh? short or long?
JD: Short hair
Me: eyes leh? big or small?
me: eyor... then pretty or ugly wan?
JD: i want pretty one.... :P

So like that la. And they never see her from that day onwards. Today when she left they're in the room sleeping while my sis took care of them.

I told her "pls don't show anymore black face to the agency. Cos they are not like me. I can tahan your face but agency won't give face. They will slap you". She nodded. I calculated her salary and her angpows and wrote a cheque. I told her.. "I will give this cheque to the agency. When you leave Msia, I HOPE they give you this money. Also I cannot promise you that you will be going back to Cambodia tomorrow.

So when the agency came I whispered to her " I think she keep money in her pad that she is wearing. The agency lady said "GOT IT!"

So we signed the documents, she want the agency to read what I have typed again. haha Just in case la.....i wanna cheat her. So after signing, and handing over cheque and passport. I took a picture of the documents. Saja la.. my first time dealing with this kinda shit. Then the checking began. We checked her bag and the agency started to scold her. "YOU SEE LA. HOW DIRTY YOU ARE! YOUR UNDERWEAR LIKE THIS YOU WEAR AH?! checked every single pad in the bag and nuthing. Remember the Father's dead skin? Its MISSING. She said she throw it away edi. Where? In the drink? In the soup? Don't care anymore. I just want her to be O-U-T!

Then the agent took her into the room and did a body search. I went in later and heard the agent shouted

Maid: *ignore and put jeans back and showed black face*
Agent: I SAID TAKE IT OUT!!!!!
Maid: *remove jeans until thigh*
Maid: *took out money*

It was my folded rm10 and Rm1 hearts that I used to fold and put in my room. She stole my money. Right before the agent came and before I wrote the cheque I told her to give me all the money So i can write a cheque and so that the agency can convert into USD for her. I told her if they ever find anyhting that doesn't belong to her they will send her to police station. Guess she quickly took out some money and chucked it somewhere and put 2 pcs in her panties thinking that ppl won't know. C'mon.. ppl professional. She is so silly.

Me: You're so silly. take off yr pants and let her check all the pockets now.
Agent: *check thoroughtly* take off your panties NOW
Me: Because you have lied... you leave us with no choice but not to believe you anymore. Do what she asked you to do to prove that you never hide anything
Maid: *her t shirt covering her pet pet... DUN WORRY! I NEVER SEE ANYTHING OKAY! THANK GOD!*
Me: did you checked her bra?
Agent: Yes yes I did.
Me: I don't believe she never hide anymore things. take it off. Turn to the other side and pass yr yr bra. I don't want to see your body.
Maid: *took off bra and pass to agent*
Me: We're doing this not to shame you. We'rd doing this so you can leave my house "CLEAN".
Agent: She already LIED and STEAL.SO TERRIBLE maid!!

And so, her new episode started with the agent scolding her - when she saw her bag, when she saw her underwear, when she saw her room and the amount of dust and rubbish. And she left in the car with another Indon maid. And after they left I am sure there IS MORE.

How about me?
I have been cleaning my house on the day she say she resign.
I also resigned on the day she resigned. My last day is Feb end.
And I will start my own freelance career.
And also be a fulltime mom and a maid in this house.
No plans to take new maid - not THAT rich to spend another 8-9K to take someone who cannot promise me anything.
I will be handling my boys myself, (btw.. they are fighting for toy in my working room now :) ) clean myself, and will hire part time cleaner to do cleaning once in a while. Big C said let's work out a duty rooster and divide the housework. Well......let's see how it goes. The chinese has a saying "When the horse dies, the man get down and walk". Now I am walking... sometimes I am running. hehe . Life goes on, right?

p/s: Someone said in Fb that I didn't respect my maid. Come to think of it. I respected her too much by not scolding her from the first day she screwed up. All I thought was, be kind and the kids love her. Let it be. I was so wrong.And anyone that is taking Cambod and planning to take one, Good luck.:P


  1. wah..if u really no respect, mean this maid kena altantuya edi...

    So U take back money ar?


  2. wah i tell ou huit (vomit blood) man this type of maid.

  3. ha.. i also want to know.. did u take back those money ah??

    You are better off without this vomit blood maid.

    I am sure you can do it without a maid.

  4. *horrified* with this kind of maid, life will be shorter by 10 years

  5. hahahaha...Mott's comment so funny la..but just curious, u take back the $$ ah? Ewwwewww....

    P/S; I think u respect her too much. She didn't realized how lucky she was. Cook for her sommo...??? Unbelievably lucky.

  6. I have no experience with any sorta maid before, so I dont dare take one on a fulltime basis even after my move to my own place. I'd rather spend a bit more monthly getting those hourly maids to clean the house lah. Safer and lower blood pressure.

  7. Finally u got less stress now after facing her and tahan her for so long...

    Really taking a maid back home not easy...and not many are good one..

    Housework those, less worried la....close one eye, get a part time maid do major clean once or twice a week...I hope you maid-less days won't b too tuff for u..

  8. dont loh hey..
    she alraedy gone.
    let her be. we wish her the best.

    for u..take a break n hope u can cope n managed. i know u can...

  9. I hv encountered the same situation with u b4 yet some ppl also will said that we are treating the maid badly. They don't know the actual story behind, where we are the one who suffered the most with the maid around. When they stand in our shoes, they will understand.

    Don't care what ppl said as long as we know we treated the maid well and fair, is more than enough!!!

  10. did u throw the money that she hide??? i think u r just too kind to her!!!

    anyway, my hse will have a new indon maid really soon. hope i dun hv any horror stories to share!!! *pray, pray*

  11. ahhh..what a relieved. more work for you now but at least no need to see any hokkien face :) it's nice of Mr. C to suggest a duty roster and divide the work :)

  12. you know, for years i never wanted a maid. even to the day i fell ill, i still insisted i can do without a maid.

    lately i have a change of mind.. maybe i can do with maid.. since almost everyone seems to have one.

    but after reading your post and another blogger's post about maids, i changed my mind again :P

    okay, i'll stick to maidless.. probably i can think of something less stressful than having maid :)

    thanks for this post. it's a good insight.

    gong xi fa cai. happy lunar new year!

  13. i was about to ask, the money u take back tak? OMGGGGGGGGGGG, put at pet2. can die oh, why can like this wan!

    im sure u can handle being maidless well, u da supermom. hire part time cleaner is the best for you! all the best!

  14. i totally agreed with wat u did.reasonable beyond doubt.maids can be good, but not this silly cambodian chick..*wink*singaporeans could be more vicious for all you know

  15. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Congratulation finally she's OUT!!!!!

  16. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I felt really bad both for you and your maid after reading your story. I feel that maids in M'sia were sometime treated more like a disposable object rather than a human being. I have no doubt that you are a nice person, but to strip search a person like that is a little extreme. I guess a lesson learned here is to never hire/invite a person that you don't trust to take care of your family, especially family with little children. Anyway, this is just my two cents.

  17. good to hear that all the mental torture has ended now. U'll be fine i am sure, with the kids, managing the home all by yourself. Hugs, Sasha!

  18. Good for you! my maid ran away last November and just like you, we decided not to hire another one. And guess what? Iife is so much better. We got our freedom back, one less mouth to feed and one less person to worry about! We are so much happier.


    We have no choice when getting these sort of hired help. We are given 3 months to try out the maid and believe me, during these 3 months the maids are usually very well behaved and true colours will only be revealed once they know they have secure the job!! As for the strip search, well.... there are many cases where maids will come out with all kinds of ways to hide things and if you know your maid is not trust worthy, it's only right we search them properly. Nothing shameful about strip searching. Airports and many other places does that too when you become a suspect for a crime!

  19. Reading this post of yours,i can sense your frustration, personally i dont believe in having a maid, i dont like the kind of "master and servant" kind of issue.

    We can be the nicest of boss or "master" but for the maids,sometimes they are just like another baby entering a whole new world, culture shock, living miles away from their loves ones and that tend to make them "sick" in or eyes..

    Maid issue, very hard one lah,,,sometimes i just like to imagine myself a maid,working in a foreign land, i think i would go ku ku also, thinking of my family back home,not be able to hug my children,,,hahahahahahah

    anyway chill, if you could live without maid, there will be the best

  20. I didn't strip search mine coz I trusted her but I have to say we strip search for a reason, like yours, true enough, money to be found in her jewels ! Now, she's proven to be bad and irresponsible and tidak apa attitude. Keeping her any longer is like planting a time bomb in your house. Good riddance to her and you just have to cope, think of the $$ saved and less maid stress.

  21. finally she is out from your house!!

    Woman, i am sure you can handle it without a maid, you're a tough mummy. :)

    See me now w/o my own maid, me less "lou hei", less 'stress", less "shouting", less "headache", no more always "vomit blood" :)

    Good luck!!

  22. Shasha... i fully agree with the maid thing... cannot treat them so nice if not they will show their black face to us and mengada-ngada attitude to us...

  23. without maid still the best... no need so kek hei n life so much better without them around

  24. glad that she went off,although it will be more housework for you,but i'm sure it's much more peaceful without a trouble maker around! I would never want a maid after reading all your post on yours. So scary!

  25. wah liao eh.hide money there O.o....check out my maid story at my blog LOL...lagi panas

  26. maid stories are always unpleasant. i say SCREW THOSE PPL WHO WANT TO CRITICISIZE YOU! they didnt go through the experience of having a bloody lousy maid themselves, so THEY SHOULD SHUT THE F*CK UP!

    kudos on u for resigning and not lookin for a new maid. after our last bloody lousy maid i decided the same thing. to hell with money and job satisfaction. pening kepala at home with the maid and sakit hati constantly... who wants to heal that for us???


    good luck yeah... you can do it sasha!

  27. wah... you are great. I'm wondering how you know that she has kept the $$$ under her panty??

  28. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Jesus. You sound like a slave trafficker and an entitled bitch.

  29. Anon,

    Firstly, the slave trafficker is the Agent.

    Secondly, what is an "entitled bitch? Only some ppl are entitled to be bitches? Gee, I hope I'm one of them.

    Thirdly, do not use the Lord's name in vain.

    Fourthly, have a happy day, today and everyday.

  30. i don't understand why some ppl like the Anon would want to read the posts and then start criticizing and calling the blog owner names. After leaving the comments, they dare not sign their names. Why eh? My grandmother used to tell me that when you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything.

  31. "Firstly, the slave trafficker is the Agent."

    Oh, I see. So the people who use this slave labor have no culpability? It must be cheap, otherwise they would hire locally and could fire at will. All are responsible, from the agent to the person who uses this service.

    An entitled bitch is someone who would use this cheap labor and then laugh about the misery of some poor woman who would be subjected to a strip search with no kind of due process and then was most likely beaten. Clear enough?

    Where I come from the police would be called for theft and the proper procedure would have been observed. Hmmmm, Let me guess though- this is not possible with illegal slave labor.

    Lastly, I'll use any language at any time I please. Since I'm not a Christian (though apparently more in touch with human rights issues than you) I have no trouble saying "Jesus Christ, the things that can happen in this day and age are damn tragic". Got it?

    And "Mommy to Chumsy", your name is just as anonymous as mine. Don't be daft.

  32. Ya.. I want to ask the same question as Mott.. so smelly you took back?

    Btw, drama also your maid.. I think Cambodian maids all got mental problem la..

    And mine also always show black face too...