Saturday, May 08, 2021

Happy Mother's Day 2021

I won a beautiful butter cake from Fancy Custom Cake just in time for Mother's Day. Well the cake was supposed to be for my mum, but she doesn't like butter and we're currently in Restricted Movement Order due to the Covid, so we decided not to go back home, to keep everyone safe.
So I just have to eat the cake as my own Mother's Day gift 😁

How lovely is the cake?? Pink rosettes, just what I like!!
Can't wait to dig in later. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

❤️ Sasha 

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Regrowing plant from scraps :Tou Myou

I got this TouMyou/bean sprout from Donki not long ago. So after cutting the sprouts for dinner, I thought maybe I should just put it in a container to see if it will regrow again. 
Voila! It grew! So that rm5.90 I can have 2 rounds of sprouts (or maybe more rounds maybe?).

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Easy Karipap

I did this during the school holiday but I was so lazy to edit the video. Then I thought may as well just do it so my kids can refer the video when they feel like eating karipap.

So here's the easy way to make your own karipap using bread. If you have any filling like curry chicken or potato, chicken stew, sambal, or anything that can made into filling, just use it. I remember making sardine puff during my Kemahiran Hidup lesson in secondary school. It's so easy! The mould is actually my late mother in law's dumpling mould but it's easily found in supermarkets or even in small shops. 

Some of my friends asked if the bread will be soggy or oily after you fried it. Actually it won't in fact it's crunchy. My husband was surprised that it was crunchy when he took the first bite. So try it and let me know what you think ;)

Anyway people have been asking me why I have been toying with breads. Well, most of the time, we have bread at home. And I just want to make easy recipes using whatever we have at home, so my kids can learn how to make different food for themselves without relying on me. For now, their favourite is the Pizza Bread that I've posted before this.

Many people think that bread is just spread with Jam, eat as sandwich and that's all . Boring food. But actually making different food is really easy and it can be interesting too. And that's what I want to teach my kids :D

Home Renovation Ideas For a Cosier Living Space

Home renovation ideas for a cosier living space is important if you are working in a small space or want to provide a more private atmosphere for your large room. Furthermore, your house is where you spend the most time hence it is important to give it a renovation and makeover.

Home renovation helps to improve the appearance, keeping your home up to date to provide better safety and provide a healthier living environment. In short, home renovation can greatly improve your quality of life and live a happier life.  

Home renovation does not necessarily cost a lot of money. If you have a limited budget and want to set priorities, here are some home renovation ideas for you to create a cosier living space:


  House painting. Painting is the most affordable way to brighten up your home. It is an inexpensive and very profitable renovation project. Besides, painting your house can add beauty to your environment. You can go with the color scheme you like based on your house theme.


      Parquet flooring repair. As years pass, the floors will wear out due to sunlight, daily traffic and accidents even though it is the best hardwood floor. Do fix the floor cracks and replace the loose pieces if they come loose.

    Kitchen renovation. A well-planned kitchen renovation includes designing and creating an efficient workflow space and better storage facilities. Besides, a well-designed kitchen remodel will provide you with a practical layout and best suit all your lifestyle needs.

     Hire an experienced wallpaper installer. A professional contractor can provide professional advice. If your walls still have the old paint or old wallpaper, the wallpaper installer has a special device to remove and install a new one for you.The contractor should ensure that the wallpaper is properly installed. 

    Hire a plaster ceiling contractor. Plastering is somehow considered an art to apply in your living space. It is a very safe material for interior decoration. Hiring a contractor can make sure the work is done correctly and turn out beautiful decorative ceilings. 

In short, a house renovation allows you to customize the house according to your preferences and needs. You can create a comfortable space and make it more useful and comfortable. If you’re interested in giving your home a renovation, do not hesitate to contact Space Reno -  professional renovation contractor in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to help you.

Monday, March 29, 2021

SpoonFit Jam, the healthy jam

Received 2 jars of jam from Spoonfit.jam yesterday. Seeing the box made me excited cos it was sealed nicely with bright and cheerful sticker. I don't know why, maybe cos I used to design baby related stuff so it kinda relate to me 😁

Anyway it was a "surprise me" box which they will randomly send 2 jars over with Rm10 shipping. Seeing how it's packed, rm10 is worth it.
I was πŸ™ to get passionfruit but I got  Carrot OrangeπŸ₯•πŸŠ and Beetroot, which is okay too. Both are mixed fruit jam.

I tried the carrot orange today cos the expiry date is nearer and since there no preservatives, the jam must be consumed in 2 weeks.

The texture of the jam is different from other jam in the market. It's lumpier and the colour is not bright cos it's made of pure natural ingredients.

I'm not sure if you know the feeling of eating jam, the first taste is like bursting sweetness. You can't taste it with this jam. It's not the super sweet kind of jam and it doesn't leave an aftertaste sweetness in your mouth which I like.

Overall this jam is good for kids or those who are health conscious and I think it's great to go with bread or biscuits or maybe can use for cake tooπŸ€” 

I think they are still giving out the free jam, you can try this link. The jams are given random between the 5 flavours and rm10 shipping fee applied.