Friday, May 25, 2007


To me, Friday means it's casual day and 1/2 hearted working day. And don't know why, today everyone felt the same like me. So they (my coliks) dragged me out all the way to Klang to eat in this place called BABY RESTAURANT. At first I thought that it's some bbq seafood place. But when I saw this I know I was so wrong.

It's charcoal fish. The gravy is sourish, sweet,a lil spicy just like tomyum but not like tomyum. I dunno how to best describe how it taste but it's nice. The plate for the fish is just ngam ngam with the fish's size. Like its made especially for the fish. There's sure one of this on every table so obviously this is the famous dish. By the way, that's my new colik. She kept asking me "want to take more picture or not?" muahahahaha

Another dish is the chicken wing. You must be saying, what's so special about the wing.

The chicken wing is calling us "come eat me...." Okay I still haven't told you what's so nice. I show you la. Easier..

The chicken wing is de-boned and stuffed with egg, ham, carrot an celery. Super nice. But only one wing per person. :( Enough la...cos there's samo to eat..

Dunno what pork rib. But I think it's baby rib bone. Cos the bone is abit soft and most of it is meat. What's the word again?....Oh yah..NICE!

We ordered other dish but I malas wanna snap edi. Cos if I continue to snap then my fish how? My chicken wing how? my pork rib how? Cold edi la? must eat food when its hot ma....But then my colik got infected with my snapping picture sickness they wanna snap picture for me also.

This gang I tell you. Manyak suka makan. See the way they debone the fish. I tell you. Super clean and nice lor. hahahaha

Forget about the Ijok chicken la (by the way it was featured in Star last Sunday). Come to Klang and eat BABY Seafood Restaurant . Don't worry la. This time got map and directions la! (this map i made myself wan, not copied from ho chiak!)

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Restaurant Makanan Laut Baby, 186A-1, Jalan Sungai Putus, Batu Belah,40150 Klang (Baby:019-213 5807)

I heard that by 7pm it will be full and you gotto line up outside the restaurant. So don't be a dunggu and wait outside for ages. Call first. And the fish is not available everyday, so call first. And don't go and say Sasha recommend you to come, cos no one know me okay? And no, I didn't get discount or get any free drink or tissue paper for featuring them. :(


  1. Cilaka... make me hungry again...

  2. Woah! That fish sure very tasty wan until the bones oso you lick!! wakaka

  3. Anonymous11:42 PM

    i like your face and car on the map!! :) cute cute

  4. sure looks the chicken wings.

  5. Yum yum yum...slurp slurp slurp. Me hungry now!!!

  6. Wa, so many yummy food.
    You banyak pandai. Love the map. :D

  7. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Gosh, I worked in Klang for the past 4 years, use that road million times but don't know such restaurant serve such good food. Thanks for the info. Will go and try.

  8. Saw the chicken i also want to taste!!! Your map is very nice and useful, thankz will go try.

  9. hmm... looks so yummy.

    Make me soooo hungry, stomach also starts to make noise.

    Thanks for the map. Will go there soon.

  10. Wow! Very good review you did, and with map summore! I say this is a Good BlaBlaBlaBla! ;) TQ!

  11. Hungry dozen stuffed chicken wings plzzzz :P

  12. Wah.... look SO good especially the chicken wing! Can FEDEX one over ah???? :)

  13. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Wow..! the chicken wings alot of work eh..?? looked so yummy...!!\
    How did you do the animation on the map..?? pray tell leh..!! so cute..!

  14. Anonymous7:56 AM

    This one sure will go...thanks for the add and map ya!

  15. hahaha..cute map.. so creative la..

  16. ish...tht chick wings very tempting.

    like ur map very interactive haha

  17. Anonymous11:25 AM

    GIMME THAT CHICKEN WING!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. YOR!!!!!!!! the food so tasty!!!!!! well.. looks tasty~ :P

    eh, can tumpang in your blue blue car and shake shake head like you ah??? kikikikik :P

  19. I like your map. How you make it?

  20. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Wah... from the looks of the poor fish must be damn nice la... and your map, canggih hoh *ekekekke*

  21. Lunchtime....yay....

  22. sasha,
    I wanted to grab the chicken wings but to only find out that it's behind the screen. haha!

    You're confirmed creative. Look at the map! Aiyoooo....when wanna teach me ah?:P

  23. wah, make me drools again ah... and what a cute n interesting map..

  24. Wah! So happy ah? Siew tou kin ngar mm kin ngan.

  25. Kenny Ng: Sorry la brader. Cannot help it

    AceOne118 : Muahaha got one more i kiss the poor fish. Just for the sake of showing my coliks who's on MC HAHAHAHA

    min : Thank you Thank you

    nyonyapenang : Yeah its nice....yum

    Estee Soo : Hi Welcome to this crappy blog!

    cc : Tarak pandai. The pandai person is the one that created photoshop. muahahah

    Mrs. Wallace : Yeah cos the restaurant is called BABY..thats why we wont know that there's good food there

    1+2mom: OOO update me after u try!

    Malaika's mummy : not only look.s ITS IS yummy

    angel : TQ TQ!

    CRIZ LAI : Ask Lilian to make. nice also

    blur_mommy : Food not allow wor. haha u come la

    mama bok : I tink the woman spend alot of time to wrap the chicken man...

    babykhong : Haha bring annie also la

    -ritchie-: Not me lok. its just the program is creative.

    jazzmint : Kiah Kiah Kiah i see myself also i wanna laff!

    Julian : U can bite yr dotter if u realy gian wanna makan

    a^ben : Actually my car is not blue eh, that's my nephew's toy car. Hahahah

    aprilWong : Hi1 use photoshop or u can use adobe imageready. Bt lots work. adjust colour in photoshop, transfer over to illustrator, then back to photoshop and do layers by layers. *pengsan*

    sue : haha i pity the fish also. hahahha

    eve : YAY! bring me!

    Kok : Eh koksorry never blog hop ya dun angry. i busy preparing for vietnam. This one also i fast fast do and post. sked u miss me la. Hahaha Chey teach u. u also know how to do ma

    khai khee : Heheh thanks

    Cocka Doodle L: yeah la next time i bring u ah...u eat until yr mustache move up and down!

  26. been there i think abt 2 years back....highly recommend d fish too, make me miss it now....
    but didn't try d chicken which looks so good too....gotta be back for another good meal, baby!

    aiyo, even my "kerang" mouth huby saw yr map also 'beh tahan' & ter-laugh out woh...'s damn worth yr effort, huh!!

  27. this baby sounds good. If I happen to be in Klang... ;-)

  28. sasha,
    No worries lah. You got more things to busy with. Blog hop only when you're free! haha! I miss you? Yaloh, actually I really miss you but you don't wanna hiu me also leh. HAHAHAHA! I where got as good as you? Your product is so much better than mine la. :P

  29. Sasha, I want your job lah. Got time to drive all the way to Klang for lunch ah?
    You make me feel a little bit proud lah cos I was a Klangite! :)
    Next time I go back I must try Baby Seafood Restaurant... 'Baby'??? Why?

  30. Btw, like your map....why so clever wan? How to do? Can teach or not?

  31. i tink i can finish 2 pish alone myself...

  32. Anonymous11:30 AM

    How come this pos posted on friday?? I came here like everyday and even saturday yesterday... did not see the blog updated. No wonder i alwasy late commenting here... issk isk.
    anyway, cilaka the chicken wing really yummy..stuffed some more.
    and the animation.. man that is so cool. you really talented lah sasha. isk isk isk.

  33. Anonymous12:34 PM

    ask me earlier lar
    this place, i been eating for more than 10 years...
    last time EVEN nicer... now oledi not so nice, so we rarely go liao... :D

  34. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Wau..look yumilicious la, salivated edi ;)
    like your map, is like the TV show 'Hor Jiak'..

  35. Jacss : Yr hubby got kerang mouth and opened when he saw my map ah? muahahaha i think he must be thinking ini mesti org gila !

    King's wife : Ask cocka to go together lor

    Kok : Ok u un thats good!

    Dr ve Thru : JUDY! My job?u sure ah? we can go cos we dragged all the big shot together ma *wink* otherwise hw to go so far and so long jek? hahaha i'm not clever la....just busybody try to make new things only

    ah nel : with yr size u can meh?

    papajoneh : friday night ma.. haiyoh next time i buzz u when i ost new things la

    ShannonC. : Aiks whgat u doing here? wuah 10 yrs edi ah? i guess baby is no longer a baby eh? maybe naik pangkat be ah por edi

    Rachel : hehe like hor jiak hor?

  36. wow...yummiii

    i love ur map too.

  37. WAH! so nice the chicken wingz! i Want!

  38. ahhh!!!

    very the hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. i like the map u scrap.. cool!.. of cos like the food too lah ..

  40. why havent i heard of that Baby before ah? now i doubt if im really staying in klang.. *malu*

  41. *gurp*... telan saliva....wwaahhhhhh!! sob sob sob!!

  42. I like the animation very much.

  43. Anonymous1:36 PM

    XX: where to eat today?
    HQ: Dunno la.
    XX: Have you check Sasha's blog?
    HQ: Not yet wor.
    XX: Go, go, go! Dem nice food.
    HQ: Wah, Si beh ho chiak! Tummy making noise liao.

  44. when u want to bring me there ar? ;)
    Wei! I like the map and the car animation cute!!!!

  45. wuah the FISH *fainted* so CLEAN CLEAN :P

    wey wey i like ur map wo :P

  46. Hehehe..i love the map with the car and your face. So cute....just like the tv programme...Ho Chiak! Hey...why so many posts on makan?? Making me lose focus on my diet already :D

  47. don jugde ppl by the look...anyway i weight more than 80 kg wat!

    *wink wink*

  48. Aiyo, what more need I say? U very bad one, make ppl drool only. Heehee, u borrowed Jayden's toy car ah?

  49. see also hungry already. next time when i go back, will sure go try this place. i like soury gravy fish. the rib looks very good too.

  50. wah! This one I must go lioa!!!! Wait till my PB is here and we shall be on our way to Klang!

  51. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Wahh.. now very clever to do .gif file liao.. kaka..

    next time I must try.... the chicken wing.. looks so sinful.

  52. Anonymous12:59 AM animated map sommo. Canggih la u...sei hungry liao. *go cook mee sedap*

  53. Wai liao...u r so cute ler...hehe...come with car n map some more.

    Food very yummylicious ler!