Tuesday, March 06, 2007

feeling pretty/good/beautiful/wateva'

So here I am, posting for the 2nd time today. Eat full nothing to do? Yeah cannot meh? I have to blog my heart out since i can ma. Next time when i start my new job..Maybe i won't blog anymore also. So, err drop by when you can?

So ini maciam. That day i read about
5xmom's post. She mentioned:

So, ladies….who wants to take up this challenge? Go write something about
‘feeling pretty/good/beautiful/wateva’ that makes you are glad you are a woman.

And yr fren here..big mouth go and said ..

# sasha commented
on March 5th, 2007:
Okay, i’m going home and gonna snap my super tiny and high high heels and post it tomorrow.

And she really came back and said:

At 2:52 PM, 5xmom.com
What a nice song to sing on shitty days. LOL. I come by to peek at your killer shoes. Want to wear on Friday or not? Talk about that, aiyor...I bought one dress for CNY and my son said it looks like a bathrobe (geisha type) Niamah. And the dress suddenly become too big for me pulak. Now, must go buy baju pulak.

So, okay. Luckily i have my camera with me everywhere i go. So i faster snap snap . And as usual the biatch next to me was so curious to know what the hell i was trying to do. Samo she asked me to put my legs on the stuff and snap. Gila Woi?! Wearing skirt how to kangkang and take picture? Wanna die ka?

So i senyap senyap take picture of my legs under my table and on my table (not so senyap afterall-if not how to measure jek) So here goes...My legs abit dirty cos i took off my shoes and walk around my cubicle barefooted. So abit dirty lo.. and since CNY is over...then the colour also chipped off abit lor....hehe

How high was this killer? 3 inches lor.
How wide was this killer? 1.2/3 cm?After u wear these kinda killer, you sit also more "hiau" like this...
You see, sometimes its not that we wanna torture our back bone ma. We are women, we love ourself. But sometimes we love ourself so much we wanna make ourselves look HAWT ma. I'm not tall, and I'm not pretty, and I'm not skinny. So if i stand on front of you like my usual self , would you even look at me? No right? Hahahhahaha But have to admit one thing...the things which is not "good" is always what we wanted. Who never dream of having a "samseng" look kind of boyfren yiutell me. Macho ma. But as husband no way ler.

Men, always say we stupid and like to torture ourselves. @#$% XYZ them la. The piao meis wearing heels and wear the damn short skirt until like can see the what edi they will stare and look and gaze at them shaking thier bum bum left and right. (DUN LIE and SAY U DUN SEE) But when own wife wanna wear...say not nice la. Torturing la. Expensive la. *sigh*

Somethings like super short mini skirts and super tiny baju (until the boobs wanna pop out~not mine okay) is a no no for me la. Yalah my leg now like elephant leg cannot wear la. When i was (yeah back then) skinny, those short skirts and never attracted me.

For me, heels...heels do the talking. Heels make yr chest go left and your poot poot go right when you stand side ways. Walk also shake shake bum bum abit and whole body like totally lift up. Walk also confident abit. Talk also confident abit. You agree or not?

For me, i cannot wear flats. I dunno why. Even when i was pregnant. I bought a flat sandals and tried to walk with it, and i nearly fell down. After dat, straight away i went to Bata to get one 1 inch one. And straight away can melayang with my 40 inches tummy. See the power of heels? HAHA

Also i like light make up. For me everyday go to work , must apply light foundation, colour some eyebrow and cubit some blusher (use gel wan mah). And can jalan edi. No need colour colour too much. Like my sa-kit-ta-li, like rainbow. Wuah! One time i saw her in the toilet, belum make up i totally dunno its her. Hahahaha

And wardrobe......i dress according to the mood. But mostly black black and more black. (kena warning from annie for dressing black for few times when we meet). And if colourful....it can last for weeks. Cos u know why? Easier to do laundry mah! All black together-gether. All colour, together-gether. Wanna dress also need to plan la! HAHAHAHA

*sigh* I still havent figure out what to wear to go to the gathering. Wear this..not nice. wear that not nice. Sian SIan Sian. But one thing, i definitely, absolutely gotto wear my heels. Otherwise, no one can see me.
Ops...and Lilian, i felt the gegaran of the earthquake just now. Gila betul. I tot why my cubicle neighbour go and shake my table. Then only i realised it was an earthquake. Then i received fone call from my JB colik. He felt it too. geeeezzz..


  1. Yes, I'm the first one :D
    Eh, we same-same ler I also cannot wear sandals. I need to wear high heels. I dun care wat ppl said about me "Tall girl summore wear high heels"lar this lar as long as I feel comfortable :P

    Eh ur place can feel the earthquake ar? My place also wor but I can't feel anything cos I'm at grd flr.

    Em.. maybe u can wear dress to tat gathering. I hope I can join u gals too :(

  2. wear the sexy littel black dress lor ;) guarantee the next day u become celebrity hahaha

  3. Wuah...killer shoes. All the wolves at the bloggers gathering howl, how? I dare not show my feet close-up on my blog wor. That wan hor...is not my feet. But my cross dresser son who wants to know what it is like to wear a spike. LOL.

  4. u're just so farny la sasha tan!
    wear bikini with striking colour and with super high heel..sure everyone will notice u..
    eh!Sexy leg ar..hehehe

  5. Nice killer heels....eh, who said you are not pretty??? the first time i met you, i was blown away :D Young and sexy :D The people who walked pass us also kept staring at you leh :)

  6. Walau eh.. you wear this HIGH HEELS and carry Jayden yeah?

    I stop wearing any form of heels since I got pregnant with Zara.. long ago.

  7. Terrorlah you can wear 3 inches everyday - the only time I wear so high was on wedding day. Walk SOOO slow coz scared I fall flat on my face!

    P/S Visit me when I update on our Kuching trip ok? Sure make you happy wan ;-)

  8. Wey wey ur HEELS is sexy leh :P wait till i got back my cam then i go take pic of my heels ngek ngek ngek ...

    For the gathering wear simple and nice will do :D and bring along camera and snap snap snap and SNAP keke

  9. wah wah wah! super sexy heels wor! ok ok we wear gau gau high heels together gether on friday ok??

  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    eh me too la..when wear flats when pregnant - i waddle! but when wear heels - ok...so now oso i wear heels to work!

  11. Anonymous7:24 PM

    eh me too la..when wear flats when pregnant - i waddle! but when wear heels - ok...so now oso i wear heels to work!

  12. Wah Seh.. getting all geared up for the big night huh. :D

  13. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Ah cheh!

    Why you say you not pwetty? You so HAWT LA! U really no need to pai-sei one!

    Eh..u get there first ah..u bookings a seat and a free doorgift for me ah.


    Ok..now i go beg Amah

  14. Me too, I'm cacat a bit these days due to my feet treatment, but I'm still wearing high heels!!! :P

  15. ever since i fell down from house staircase and slipped my disc, that's it! no more heels as it hurts my back after wear it for long. With pregnancy and Ern, no more high heels..the most, 1 inch only...

  16. i gave up most of my killer heels when i went bk to study... now they are sitting inside my mom's house...hehheehe

  17. ahh...me too...i gave up my heels when i fell down and hurt my back couple years ago...now i can only wear heels with the max height of 1 inch only...and that also i can wear it for couple of hours only...

  18. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Wah... 3 inches very seldom wear wor. I usually only wear 2 inch.

  19. Hahaha! I love looking at heels. But I suck at wearing them! I wear flats most of them time and the only time I wear heels is during wedding/dinner/something grand. O'wise, flatties for me! Hehehehehe..

  20. once you get used to heels, then ok la.

    btw- i vote for the lil black dress!!