Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Teaching Time

Found this in one of the FB pages. Great idea from a teacher. So I printed out the numbers on coloured paper and laminated it.

To save my time, I added "suku" and "setengah" . Stick all the numbers of my cheap ikea clock and added battery. All done very quickly and ready to hang up the wall :)

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Teaching "Hari dalam seminggu".

My Standard 1 son is learning "Masa dan Waktu" in sekolah kebangssan now.  Nowadays the questions are not straight forward anymore. They ask questions like what day comes before Monday? Or what is the day between Sunday and Tuesday? and so on. If it's in English it would be easy peasy for him but the nightmare is when it was asked in BM since he is still weak in understanding the BM language. To make learning more interesting for him and since he likes crossword puzzle, I made this just for him. It's like a game, but they are actually revising what they learn in school.
If you want a copy, you can download it too ^_^!