Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where to buy: ready cut styrofoam lettering

I was looking for something else and I saw people buying these lettering. I think they are buying it for wedding backdrop or something.

And I thought "oh I didn't know we can buy these!!!" The old way of doing it is to buy one big piece of styrofoam and also the cutter. Then print lettering on paper and trace them and cut them. Your room will be filled with styrofoam all over the place. Those were the days....

So yeah, if you need styrofoam lettering for functions , you can buy them at Hewsonix at PJ Old Town. It's rm1.30 for each ( I heard other place is selling for rm1.80 each) . Just tell the boss what lettering you need and he will gather all for you. He told me he doesn't display all cos its fragile. So if you go around and you don't see the letters no worries yeah. Just ask the boss with the mustache.

Just sharing or like I mentioned in my previous post, it's also for my own reference in the future :)

Hewsonix Store SB No 95, Jalan 1/12 46000 Petaling Jaya (Old Town) Selangor

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where to buy : Chicken floss

So I went to the pork shop looking for pork floss for my bread as lunch. But my jaws dropped when I saw the price , a small container for rm24. So I walked over to Chang Thung bakery in Taman Megah and I bought this pack of chicken floss for rm10.50. I know lah.... Chicken lah, not so nice lah. And I know lah.... So small pack for rm10.50. I tried buying a big pack and I end up throwing it away cos it started to smell funny after some time. So this time I bought a smaller pack for me to munch. So if you're looking for chicken floss for your baking or just to eat with your bread, you can get it from Chang Thung Taman Megah. Just sharing :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BYOB Subang Roadshow : USJ 6

We're so honoured to be invited to join in USJ 6's carnival back on October 6th 2012. The main purpose for the carnival to recruit members for the RA for USJ 6 area.

Before the actual day, my sis and I started to upcycle the pallet that we found across her office. With a jigsaw, sandpaper machine, hammer and some nails, we manage to put this up. Not bad eh? Faster say nice lah...

The day started as early at 7am. Of course I wasn't there at 7am. I gotto wake my kids up and pick up my niece to help me to babysit the kids  for me while I work. Although there are not many booths, but the respond was good considering that it only covers USJ 6.
The residents listening to the VIP's speech.
Hannah Yeoh was there too.

Another VIP.

The BOMBA was there. The POLICE was there also displaying gruesome pics of dead abandoned babies, murder victims and a whole collection of different drugs. I didn't know people use our paper note to inhale drugs too :( 

The stall that sold the most things. Our makan stall :)

And of course, our mini booth.
We had a good day explaining and introducing our products.
Some customer came and told us "Hey.. I have seen your pamphlets before but I threw it away cos I don't know whether your stuff can use or not" And guess what? After we spoke to them, they bought. And they went home and bring more friends over. So now you tell me, can use or not? *lol*

The stall opposite us sell rabbits. Cute cute cuddly rabbits. Arghhhh *geram*

All the participants received free coupons from McD.

And that's my eldest eating nasi lemak with his legs up and one shoes missing *lol*

The BOMBA then invited some residents to demo on how to put off fire.  Justin volunteered but they said he was too short and too small for the safety jacket. :(

The carnival started at 8am and ended at 1pm. Shocked to know that the world is really a small world. One of the committee member is my reader. *shy*

*wave* hello Patsy!

Me and my boys. 

And the babysitter of the day. The girl that I used to take care of when I was in college years. And now she is as tall as me. 

That's our first ever roadshow. Boy! We're dead tired by then. And after that we headed towards BYOB Subang again and continued with our day in the shop. *senget* But honestly it was a good roadshow, good exposure for us and the visitors.

If you have any carnival around Subang area, do contact us and let us join the fun :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Sasha Cooks: Basil Chicken

Let me tell you something. I hate to refer to recipe books(but i still do, cos I like to look at pics :D ). Cos the ingredients are usually so long and I need like a gazzilion sauces just to cook one dish!So if you see my recipe here it means 3 things:
1. need very lil ingredient.
2. its very easy to cook.
3. no specific amount of this and that. Just hantam!

So here is my first Basil chicken.Yum Yum!

here's what you need:

ChickenMarinate with
:Garlic (chopped)
Fish sauce
Brown sugar
Soy Sauce

Yellow bell pepper (or any other veg)
One bunch of Basil (remove from stem,only need the leaves)Oil

1. Add oil and fry the chicken.
2. Add bell pepper and basil
3. Eat

And best, you can replant your basil stem and you will get Basil growing in your garden. How cool is that?

Friday, October 12, 2012


We're at a shop buying cream puff and suddenly JD asked
jD: "Mami what is f*** you?
Me: what? ( I thought I heard wrongly)
JD: F*** you
Me: where did you learn that?
JD: from iPad. The YouTube Mario wan. He said F*** you * laugh*
me: no. It's not funny. It's a bad word. You cannot say it
JD: but why? What does it mean?
Me: aiyah * slap forehead* it's a bad word, worst than stupid.
JD: so only adult can say F*** you? Is Mario an adult? Cos Mario can say F*** you
Me: aiyoh stop saying it jayden.
JD: can you say F*** you? Cos you're an adult like Mario right?
Me: Jayden!!!! Enough! Stop saying that!

I tell you, each time he said it I felt like pengsan-ing. And he is so curios and really wanted to know. Then, yesterday he asked me...

JD: Mami, what is b*tch?
Me: ??????? Where did you learn that from? Aiyoh!
JD: from iPad's YouTube. Mario called princess peach B*tch. What it means Mami?
Me: aiyoh jayden. Can you stop watching Mario already?
JD: then what is f*cking? Is it same as f*ck you? F.*.c.k.i.n.g ( and he spelt it for me somemore) what is that?
Me: *cringe* oh my god. Jayden seriously stop watching mario edi okay? Where did you see it, show me!
JD: *on YouTube and showed me that particular video and all the languages was from that video* this one!!! Very funny wan!!!
Me: I'm reporting this video! * flag inappropriate and click dislike* jayden all these words are bad word okay? You cannot say it. It's not nice.
JD: b*tch is b.i....
Me: I know! I know how to spell. No need to teach me. Remember you cannot say it. Say it somemore and I'll smack your mouth!

And you know, that damn video was view over 1 mil times and ppl actually click Like????? Although there are so many dislikes but it's still there and everyday it's teaching kids all these words!
Omg, I sense big headache coming my way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's growing?

These brinjal plants were given to me by the nursery boss. She told me that the brinjal will not survive and I shall wait for the seed instead. It's a new breed of brinjal she said, mini plant that can start to bear brinjal very fast. So I went home and replanted them into a bigger pot and surprisingly one of the brinjal continue to grow bigger ( picture : left). The other pot's brinjal became smaller and smaller (picture : right) and eventually became a seed. So I replanted the seed and hoping that new plant will emerge.
After the brinjal fell off and became a seed, the plant became bigger and one day I found flowers blossoming. This is a 3 days old flower. Hoping that new brinjals will appear soon :)

I have started a facebook page just for gardening. If you're into gardening, come join us lah! :D

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What are you thinking about?

in the car, when suddenly everyone is so quiet...

Me: titi.. are you sleeping?
JT: nope. I am just dreaming (daydreaming) about making a heart for you.
Me: Wah so nice....thank you. Kor Kor? Are you sleeping?
JD: I'm also day dreaming. I'm dreaming about how to make a gold ring for your ringman finger. Because now you only have silver.
Me: wow. So nice la you kor kor. But I already have a ring on my ringman.
JD: But yours is silver only. Do you like silver or gold better?
Me: *lol* I like diamond.
JD: No. I am asking you if you like gold or silver.
Me: I prefer silver. Actually I like platinum.
JD: You like silver ah? Then I shall stop dreaming about making a gold ring for you. Because you already have what you like.
Me: :D

Friday, October 05, 2012

From the trash bag to the garden

Usually I'd just throw whatever roots I get from my veg. But since I moved to my new house, I'm saving everything to replant and to make compost. Here are the 3 roots that I have replanted.
Chinese celery, spring onion and also basil. I cannot wait for my vege patch to be ready. Everyone is shopping for clothes but I'm buying seeds online! *slap forehead*