Monday, August 27, 2012

Where did you get it from?

Saw Justin's mouth moving..

Me: ti.. what are you eating?
JT:Ahhhhhhhhh *opened mouth and I saw something like a tiny GREEN pastille*
Me: Sweet ah? Where did you get it from?
JT: *cheeky smile* from my nose!
Me: *pengsan*

The cheeky one at 3 years, 11 months, 14 days

Friday, August 17, 2012

The bully got bitten back

Just read this book & the author said that he used to be a bully's victim. The bully likes to make spitball. Spit into tissue and toss it back To the victims's table, most of the Landed on the author's face. Then the bully started to
Bite and pinch ppl. The author told the teacher about it and she just warned the bully and things got worst after that. So one fine day he decided enough is enough. He went and look for paper plier. When the bully threw a spitball at him, he just put the plier out and pinched the bully's back. The bully screamed and got sent to the nurse office. He however got sent to the principle office and got into trouble but he didnt mind cos the bully stop bullying ppl.

This reminds me of myself when i was in kindy. This fat boy always bullies me. One day, i saw a cockroach
And then i just started to hunt for cockroaches and manage to find
More than 10 of them with my sis and bro's help. Not very hard to find cockroaches during rainy season. Hehe Can't wait to go to school that night!!!!
The next day, I quietly put the plastic bag into my sch bag and when he got in as usual, he sat in front of me. And I just untied the rubberband and pour the cockroaches into his shirt. Yeap, u read me right. Into his shirt. Not onto. And he screamed like a lil Muahahhahahah I quickly went to the back Of the bus and hid under the seat. Why? Cos i know uncle bus would stop the bus and reach out for his cane. And he did!!! Muahahaha the joy of looking at his face after that incident
Is priceless. He dare not
Even sit near me anymore. Thinking about this make me laugh out loud but if my kid were to face with the same
Situation I wouldn't advice him
To do such thing. I'd say "
Tell teacher, tell the parents" and whole load of crap. Unless....he decided to act like his mom...

Muahahahha this is the effect of overworking and going nuts. You start to think of funny incidents like this!! okay back to work!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When I die..

Me: titi, when I die, I give you all......My pots okay?
JT:* put his pointer upwards and wave it like a wiper* no... No..... Cannot!
Me: why? I give you all my pots wor.
JT: cos.... The people in the tv said it's not good to take ppl's things!

Haha like real! If I were to say I'll give him all the choc and Ice cream after I die, proly he'll say "okay! Thank you!"

I don't wanna be a doctor

Me: jayden, seriously what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Jd: a policeman lah.....(tired of answering me cos I've been bugging him and asking him this question so many times edi!!)
Me: dowan lah.... Don't be a policeman lah. What about be doctor?? Then you can take care of me when I'm old and sick?
Jd: no. I don't wanna be a doctor.
Me: why? Doctor good ma. Not dangerous.
Jd: you think I no need to go home is it?
Me: who say doctors don't go home?
Jd: if I work as doctor in the hospital then I need to work 24 hours you know? Then I cannot go home!
Me: chey... Hospital is 24 hours but... Doctors work in shift wan mah. Take turns to go home wan. And you can work like Dr Yong at the clinic then you no need to work 24 hours ler...
Jd: *thinking mode* hmmmm

I have no idea what gave him the idea that policeman can go home and doctors cannot go home. Haha silly boy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Luigi and me

Backdated post:

My Boh Boh bought me a Luigi. I like luigi because he wears green shirt. My kor kor likes Mario. And now he likes red. But the shop doesn't have Mario. So Boh Boh only bought luigi for me. After buying it from Paradigm Mall, I told my mami I wanna bath with luigi, cos Luigi is made from Plastic and plastic can float in water. Cool!

But then we got home late, and mami said it's too late to bath. Not cool! Mami said Luigi might catch a cold if I were to bath him. Okay, she has a point. So I changed into my pajamas and got ready for bed. But before that, I found a pillow case which is same as my fav pillow case. I asked my dadi to fold it like a pillow for my Luigi. Then I went and search for my fav underwear for Luigi to use as blanket. See how comfy Luigi is? Mami said Luigi fainted edi cos my underwear is smelly. Naah!! I checked, I smell it and it's not smelly at all.

And I went to drink my "celebration time" next to Luigi. Ah yes... I still drink my celebration time with my nen nen bottle. Mami always ask me if i'm shy. I said "naah.... not shy!"

But I was too active to sleep and then I thought of something! I went and took a piece of paper and asked dadi to draw a heart. You see, I can draw but not as nice as dadi. But I can colour nicely. After that I gave Luigi the heart. He looks happy cos he is forever smiling.:D
And I went to bed with Luigi.
I love my Luigi. Maybe for only 5 days.

~Justin chan~

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Caught copying (part 2)

So I went to sch the next day and told teacher why he copied and she said "oh... No wonder. Maybe it's because once, he asked me alot of questions and I told him : can you please not ask many times? And he stopped asking me question at all edi. Maybe that's why he is scared to ask me to repeat. So sorry" and then I showed her his book and she laughed. See what he did?

P/S: haha yeah and notice that medengar is wrong but he got it right. *smack forehead*

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Caught Copying :(

Went to pick the kids up and JD's teacher told me...

Teacher: *whisper* Your son cried today..

Me: huh? Why?

Teacher: during ejaan today, I caught him looking at another JD's answer.

Me: HUH???

Teacher: but....he got all correct. So I only gave him a smiley face. No "baik" and star for today. He asked me how come he didn't get the "baik" and star. So I told him that I saw him looking at his friend's answer and he admitted that he looked at his answer.

Me: then you should not give him a smiley face. You should draw unhappy face ma..

Teacher: *looked at JD and smile* nevermind la.. he admitted it edi.

So in the car, I spoke to him:

Me: kor.. i heard today you cried in school?

JD: erm... *shake head*

Me: really?

JD: *nod head and whisper* yes, i cried in school.

Me: why?

JD: cos...i only got smiley face for my ejaan. I didn't get the "baik" and also star.

Me: do you know why?

JD: because... I looked at JD Lee's book.

Me: Why?You don't know how to write meh?

JD: I don't know.

Me: Impossible! I am sure you know!

JD: yeah really i don't know. 

Me: why?

JD: because I cannot hear what teacher said.

Me: *sigh* B....if next time you cannot hear, you just raise your hand and say "teacher can you please repeat. I didn't hear you". You cannot go and look at your friend's book wan. Even if you know how to write, and even if you get all correct, teacher will say that you copied him. You're a very clever boy Jayden. I am very very confident with you. So no more peeking okay? You got to tell teacher to speak clearly when you cannot hear her okay?

JD: Okay. But its okay mami. I write "baik" and draw a star for myself edi.

Me: *smack forehead* like that also can ah?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Chiffon Cake Journey

My first thought: "so cheap, must be very easy to make". So I happily went to the cake shop and got the cake tin and all the ingredients. And this was my first chiffon cake.

Kaput cake. I was too happy that it rise so high, I quickly take it out and I didn't know that I need to overturn the cake for half or an hour before I can release it from the tin. On the same day, a big co called me and asked me to see them for design. Well, at least a good news that day :)
I tried a few rounds and I didnt even take pic of it cos the cake total went flat, uncooked and collapse. Unhappy about it, I kept quiet and kept thinking what's wrong. My hub encouraged me and he went to buy a tray of 30 eggs for me to try. he say fail nevermind, got 30 eggs for you to play with :) should I be happy or what? Haha

So I tried again, this time orange flavor recipe and I used Joyce's(an FB friend) recipe and the recipe was meant for smaller tin. But I don't know how to increase the amount and didnt dare to cos I'm still learning how to make an edible cake, what more wanna increase the vol? So the cake was abit thin but hey, an edible one. I'm happy enough.

So I tried again. This time after I got back from Cameron with fresh strawberries and i made using TMX recipe. So I made a chiffon cake with fresh strawberries minus colour or paste. It was okay but I'm still not quite happy with the outlook of it.

And then I made 2 orange chiffon cakes. One for my neighbour, one for me.

Yes, I tried again. This time with Pandan flavor and I'm quite happy with it :)
But jayden told me "mami, green is Justin fav colour. Not mine." so he refused to eat this cake. He asked me " can you make a blue or strawberry one for me?"

And so I tried again. (are you tired already? Cos I'm quite tired typing this in my iPhone haha) and this time I made a tri-colored chiffon cake. I followed the recipe from the "chiffon cake is done" recipe book and voila! My best ever chiffon cake. And everyone is happy cos JT got his green Pandan, JD got his pink strawberry and everyone is finishing my cake!
And then I got busy and there was totally no time to even think about cake, what more a so challenging cake like this. The egg white meringue, the egg yolk batter, the temp of the oven, the strict rule of no temp fluctuation, and must overturn the cake right after take out from oven, damn stressful.

So last sat we're at tesco and my hub kept asking me "so.... Wanna bake cake ah?" I said "why ah?" oooh cos tesco was having this promotion, buy rm100 and above and you can buy a tray of 30 eggs for Rm4++.

So today I though I'll fail again and plus, i have 30 eggs to play with. I quickly took out all the ingredients and this was the fastest cake I made so far. I was quite slumber about it cos I thought I'll fail. After I removed it from the oven, I quickly overturn it and brought it along to my mums house. As soon as we reached, JT said he wanna cut the cake with me and he said he want a pc although it was JD fav colour. My best and fastest chiffon cake so far.

I sat down and I thought to myself.. boy.. i really baked quite alot of chiffon cakes and then I checked my notica app in iPhone and I actually have a diary or the things I cooked and baked. From the first failed cake to my latest cake. What a journey ! And I wanna pat my own shoulder for not giving up :)