Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brand new!

JT: oh thanks mami.
Me: ah why ah?
JT: thanks for this present *showing me a hot wheels car that I bought to keep as a standby bday present*
me: eh... It's not for u lah!!
JT: it's okay. I know how to open it *piakkkkkk*
me: eh!!!!! Seriously! It's not for you! I tell you, I'm going to bath now and when I come out, and if I see that it's not perfectly wrapped, someone's gonna get hurt. You understand me?
JT: *panic mode* kor kor!!!!! Help me!!!!!

So I went to check on them and found out that JD is helping him to stick the wrapper back. Went to bath and came back later and the small one said "tada!!!! See we fixed it back. Now it's brand new again!!!!"

Aiyo like this called brand new *sweat*

I took it away from him of course. He's still not gonna get it although its badly injured. *lol*

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry, terbalik.

Went to my dad's workshop and the lil one found a magnifying glass on my dad's table. So of course he played with it and I warned him that he might break it and true enough prakkkkkkkkk he broke it. I said "oh no. Die lor... Sure die this time. Koong koong has this cane so big and powerful, it can kill people with it". Panic like mad, he said "I'll just say sorry and my koong koong sure forgive me!". Amboi.... This is this effect of over sayangs shown by my parents and my hub. Everything also say "it's okay". So we went home before my dad came back to the workshop. Then few hours later my dad called but Justin was asleep so I said that I'll call him back later and so I did.
JT: hello koong koong
KK: Justin ah... Koong koong say sorry ah. U no need to be scare ah. The glass broken edi but it's okay wan. Sorry I make you scared ah...
JT: okay.
Me: oi. U broke koong koong mirror u must say sorry. Not koongkoong say sorry wan.
JT: sor....
KK: it's okay. It's ok.
JT: okay. Bye

O.o sigh...If i were to break it last time, I think I have to run far far.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kee's CreamPuff

Went to BYOB last, last week and discovered that we have a new neighbour that sells creampuff. Yummy Yummy CreamPuff!

Jayden's fav blueberry
Which one to choose leh??? All looked so yummy ler

Vanilla, BlueBerry, Strawberry, Mocha and Coffee

I went there with my bro-in-law and I didn't bring my kids along. Last week, I went again and brought the kids along. And they have a new flavour, Choc topping. Guess who chose that?

He never say no to Chocolate!
He said "Oh.. mami, my puff is a special one got cos chocolate and also cream inside. Why so special wan?" lol

Spoke to the owner and he mentioned that he started from home and he has been delivering to many functions and finally he opened this shop. I guess another dream come true for home based business ^_^ Congratulations Puff Daddy!

Anyway, do drop by Kee's Creampuff if you're around USJ 9. The puff is really Yummy!
If you wanna check out the exact loction, please visit their fb page.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sasha Cooks: Fresh Cordyceps Soup

This was the next soup after the Wai Sun soup that I have cooked for us and my neighbour. Cordyceps look abit yucky cos it looks like worms. But after I have tried it and googled the benefits, I am definitely going to cook more of this soup for my family.

Benefits of Cordyceps:
1. Cordyceps strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of protective cells. The body will have more resistance against diseases caused by numerous bacteria and viruses.
2. Cordyceps improves sexual function and vitality in both men and women. Cordyceps stimulates the production of sex hormones in males and is an effective way to fight infertility in females.
3. Cordyceps aids in achieving a good night sleep because it calms the nervous system. It also alleviates stress and anxiety for sleep to become restful and productive.
4. Cordyceps is very helpful to people with hypertension as it can lower blood pressure and increase blood supply.Cordyceps acts by relaxing the walls of blood vessels to deliver more blood to the heart while decreasing blood pressure.
5. Cordyceps has anti-aging effects because it has antioxidant properties.
6. The antioxidants promote cellular formation and offers protection against free radicals that causes cell damage.
7. Cordyceps can ease the symptoms of asthma, cough, and chronic bronchitis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also relaxes the bronchial walls that decrease the severity of these diseases. For diabetics, cordyceps is useful in regulating blood sugar levels.
8. Cordyceps prevents liver and kidney diseases by improving the blood flow in these very vital organs.
9. Cordyceps enhances the delivery of oxygen in cells, promoting healthy cells, tissue, organs, and systems.
10. Cordyceps can also improve cognitive function like memory and mental sharpness.

(okay initially I have scheduled this post with link of where I copied that. But then something went wrong with blogger and everything went missing O.o)

So I gathered everything..

Some Fresh Cordycepts
Yok Chook
Red Dates
Honey Dates
Arrowroot ( Fun Kot)
Chicken Carcass (or you can use ribs, or chicken drumstick too)

I boiled it over the stove for about 30 mins and stransferred them into my thermal pot and leave it for few hours. 

I like the taste and my kids wallop the dinner so fast that night.
And true enough we had a good night sleep that night. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


At school today...

JT: I don't wanna go to school..

Me: titi be good boy okay. Mami is going to BYOB. Later I buy popcorn for you la.

JT: No I want to follow you. Me: nolah cannot. I will come back very fast wan. You like caramel right? I will buy and you can share with your friends later.


Me: why? Why you so selfish wan?

JT: No. Cos ah.....*think think* Cos popcorn is PLASTIC!

Me: HUh? popcorn is not plastic.


Me: O.o haha nolah b. Popcorn can float cos its light. Not because its plastic. If its plastic then you also cannot eat la right?

JT: but....you buy for me only okay? If they share then no more edi.

Me: I buy you a BIGGGGGGGGG pack then you can share lah.

JT: *happy* okay mami. Now GO! Go! BYE!

Me: O.o byob-web-advert

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sasha cooks: Wai San Yuk Chook Soup

Last week was a very weak week for me cos I caught the flu bug and it couldn't come out. And so I had very bad migraine for the whole week. One of my kiddo was also sick but being a mum, even when you're sick, you still gotto do what a mom's gotto do, cook for the kids. And not forgetting my Neighbour who is also sick and slightly weaker than me. So I have been supplying her with some soup and dishes. Here's one of the soup that I've cook for both our families

When I was at the wet market I overheard that Wai San is very good. And so I came home and googled it, I was very happy with what I found. The most appealing benefit is that it is anti-aging agent. Besides that it also helps with lowering the blood sugar, blood pressure and promotes urination. (see more here http://alternativehealing.org/huai_shan.htm)
I have also added Yuk Chuk which nourishes the lungs and treats dry cough. These are only 2 of the benefits.

So I just gather whatever I can find; red dates,
honey date(mutjou),
Wai San
some pork ribs
Salt to taste

boiled them over the stove for about an hour and transfer the pot to my thermal pot and left it for few hours.

Although the wai sun was really slimy when I was removing the skin, the soup is really tasty and there is not trace of the sliminess.

I gave it to my Neighbour and she told me the next day that my soup is really nice. It must be my thermal pot that makes it so nice O.o ah well... Haha

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

His demote control train

He said to me "look mami, I have a demote control train!".

I turned around and saw the train moving (battery operated) but it looked like JT was controlling it. When I went nearer I saw that he used My mouse and stuck the USB cable into the train's funnel. Like that also can kah? Haha this funny boy of mine !

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

DIY: making toys using corrugated box

I agree.

Cos when I was young, I didn't have much toys. I only have a barbie doll given to me by my aunt. And she only has one outfit. And my sis started sewing clothes for her using scrap cloths. Then I started sewing my own barbie clothes. And that's how I started sewing.

I spent most of my time at my dad's workshop and I didnt have much toys there. I played with hammer and screwdrivers more.*lol* And once they bought some big plastic sheets as a seat cover for some expensive cars. I used the plastic sheets, stapler them together and made then into wedding gowns. I had not much toys but I have imagination. And thats what I think kids now are lack off. If you need a toy, go to the shop and buy it and nothing more.

So my kids have been imagining that they're the Picnic Wars characters:

See what I mean?

Last sat, I spent my whole day at my shop. My sis made these for my kids using corrugated box. They sat there and waited for her to draw, cut and join the parts with masking tape.

With Viking hat, with a shield and even small forks. (Jayden complaint that his horns weren't curve enough) Then my sis said the trojan hat is not so perfect yet. So she redo the hat and then she added the middle (hair???) And the lil one was so excited. He said "Now it's perfect!"

He's one very happy tomato. *lol*

It's Tuesday today and they are still playing with the hats and shield. haha

It's just so much fun looking at them looking at her making the toys with the corrugated box. At least they learnt that if they want a toy, they can opt to make them with stuff and not just go to toy'r'us to get toys. These is what I like to teach my kids ~ Make your own toys with your imagination and creativity. byob-web-advert