Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Woah! MIA for 13 days!

As you all know, sch just started. This year my lil baby is going to sch too.

He was alright at the beginning but it's been a week now and still there are a few ppl who cries in class. So the teacher cannot start to teach or concentrate on other kids, so lil boy is abit bored and reluctant to go to sch. Today he wore his slippers to school as a sign of refusal to go to sch :S

Jayden is very good. He is very excited and happy that he get to go back to sch. I don't know why, but he just love to study. Just wait until he get his homework, then probably he'll start to wear slipper to sch too. *lol*

Meanwhile, I've also posted 2 tutorial in my Sewing Monster website.

And since I'm waiting for my customer's feedback on the packaging design, I've been working on our photobook (bought the voucher almost 2 years ago and its nearly expiring!) and hopefully get our holiday pictures printed out first.

Then the hardest part is doing the baby photobook. I've lost all Justin's first year baby pics after I resigned and returned the mac back to my company. I've save the pic somewhere and I cannot find the cd anywhere. But then, life must go on. Now on, I need to save the pictures properly *finger crossed* and this year I wanna be more organised.
(say only.. dunno berjaya or not Ahaks!)