Friday, October 28, 2011

Pants wear pants

Jayden has a special talent.

Let me tell you more.

When I see clothes like this, I know it's Jayden's.

Then when spread it up, it looks like this...

His pants is wearing pants!!!

hahaha  *smack forehead*

aiyayai... Jayden oh jayden...

Monday, October 24, 2011

They Love to Yum Seng

I noticed that my kids just love to attend chinese wedding dinner cos they like the "yum seng" ceremony especially Jayden.

This was Jayden's first Yum Seng. He was surprised with ppl screaming YUM SENG all at the same time. But I think he was just excited about after each time ppl shouted yum seng, he can drink his coke. :P

And this was Justin's first Yum Seng. He was surprised with the yum seng commotion and he noticed he was the only one that didn't hold his glasses up. So he quickly grabbed his glass and joined in. Jayden was like an expert in Yum Seng , he even asked me "mami you want to yum seng or not?" Hehe.

And this was the recent yum seng session. Obviously both was very happy. I think they were more happy than the groom :P

Both my kids mabuk and "high" due to POP overdose. One vomitted (JT) and the other one that doesn't eat meat suddenly began to eat suckling pig (JD). *lol*

But you know what is more happy about them Yum Seng-ing? I manage to video it and keep it for them to watch when they are older :)

I won! I won!

What did I win?

Beauty product from Iamthewitch's Neutrogena Ageless range. ANTI AGING.... Gosh! I need some right now.

Just the other day my friend Frostier said to me  "How come you look so charn? You never go facial ah?"

It was a wake up call. A slap to my face, left and right. I got hurt of course. Then come to think of it he is right. I neglected myself. I only took care of my kids and cleaning my house after renovation. It was the same day that I changed my own punctured car tyre, bathed and rushed out , hurried to Sunway Pyramid to help my hub buy something from Daiso and then rush over to meet him and pick up the stuff from BYOB. Of course I was extremely haggard that day but still, I looked damn charn. My pores are so big, I can play congkak on it. Damn.

But fret not, I am going to be more hardworking. I promised myself I will not only scrub toilet, I will scrub my face nice nice. Apply toner and also moisturizer everyday. I wanna look like human like how I have commented in Iamthewitch's contest. Of course I cannot be pretty, unless i go for plastic surgery. But then I can look prettier in my ugly face. Thanks again iamthewitch for selecting me :) And thanks to ReanaClaire for telling me about the contest. We're chitchatting in msn and she told me.. eh eh go and comment here la.. can win something. And I just went and commented. I never thought I will win something. So thanks alot to ReanaClaire too :)

haha something funny happened when I opened my prize pack. I told my sister "SOMEONE STOLE my thumbdrive!" And then I see again... dang! the small tub is not an eye cream! It's a THUMBDRIVE!
Ai... suspend only :P


What's BYOB you ask? Its Bring Your Own Bottle. It's a place where you can bring your own bottle/containers to fill up cleaning agents like dishwashing liquid, detergent powder and so on. So when I saw my friends liking it in FB, I went to check it out. Surprisingly my friend was the owner. But since the shop is in Kajang and I hardly go over that part of the world, I asked him to tell me if he is coming over to PJ and then maybe I can ask him to bring some for me. So happen my other friend, Frostier went to visit BYOB, so he helped me to bring some back.

From left to right : Dishwashing Liquid, Softener, Dettol Gel and MopShine.

All these costs me Rm11.40 only, Cheap right? Why is it so cheap? Cos everything in the shop are recyclable items including the interior.
No fancy smanchy high tech stuff. Purely just come with your own container, fill it up and pay. There's no advertising cost, No cost for the containers. 

You can check them out at BYOB Fb page for the range and price list. I was looking forward to try the Dettol Gel. Cos, you might not know this but.... I like to scrub toilets. When I ran out of idea or when I feel stressed up, I'll go scrub toilet.  No joke. So toilet cleanser is very important to me. And true enough that day I tried to scrub my toilet with it, I felt satisfied. The dettol smell is like.. telling me "I am very clean!". Haha

And the Mop&Shine is good too. I used it after I have renovated my house. Imagine the thickness of the dust after renovation. Took me almost 1.5 weeks to clean the house and I ended my cleaning session with the Mop & Shine. I must say for that price and the effect after cleaning, I think its worth it.
My lil boy chilling on the newly mopped floor. Its been a long time since he can lie down on our own floor cos the reno took so long and I took even longer to clean the house myself. haha Ah well, finally my reno is over and my cleaning routine is back to normal. 

Angry Bird

Before I went into the bathroom, Justin was already lying down on a pillow and looking at the Angry Bird toy box that my sister had bought for them earlier. After I got out from my bath, he was still looking at the box. Curious, I asked him..

Me: B? What are you doing?
JT: i'm just looking at the box
Me: yeah i know, but you've been looking at it for so long edi.what are you looking at?
JT: i'm waiting for the movie to start.
Me: oh? What movie?
JT: angry bird movie lah...:D
Me: :S why did i even ask in the first place...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Okay. I admit, I am a "helicopter mum". I hover around in my son's school. Observe him from outside his class, talk to his friends, talk to the teachers, ask him questions, talk to his friend's mum. Ok, I know you are shaking your head by now. haha

Anyway...... So today I sent JD to sch and teacher gave them a picture to colour. Then I overheard someone saying "Jayden Chan, take out your colour pencil!" And my son took out his colour pencil and ZUUUUP, 3 other kids started using his colour pencil. "I need Black!". And he pass black to his friend. "I Need this.. I need that". And he quietly take his yellow colour pencil which is as short as his pinky finger and went to sharpen it. I went and squat next to him and asked him "Is this why your colour pencil is always missing and always so short?" He kept quiet and just sharpen his colour pencil. I said " They always use your colour pencil? I thought JD Lee has a big box of colour pencil?". He quickly sharpen the colour pencil and hand over to the other kid. OMG, my son is doing things to please his friends cos he wanna be accepted by them?

Why am I so sensitive about this? Cos I was once like that. I do things for people, do artwork, projects, anything and everything just to please my friends in secondary school. And guess what? They never liked me. They just used me. Once they wanted to skip class and decided to hand in the counseling room to avoid BM class. And I didn't wanna join them. Suddenly half way through the class, one of my friend came and asked the teacher's permission to allow me to follow them to the counseling room. And guess what ? When I got to the counseling room, the counseling teacher was waiting for me and started asking question like "your friends said that they have problem with you. It seems like you are making them very upset. They said that you don't wanna join them for parties and shopping sessions with them?". I replied "my parents don't allow me to go shopping and parties". That is the truth. Then after some Q&A session , we were asked to go back to the class room. And Guess what again? The bunch of "friends" acted like as if nothing happened. Then I found out that they were chilling at the counseling room and suddenly counseling teacher caught them. So they "had no choice" and to "create" a problem. And who was the scape goat? Me! Ever since then, it actually make my secondary life abit of a sad case. And when the year ended I was so glad that they went to different classes. Hallelujah for me! I had a great year in form 3 until I was placed back in the same class as one of the girl that bullied me. How? Avoid ler ..

So back to JD's case. So I went and asked one of the boy about his own colour pencil. Cos I have seen him using  his own colour pencil out. 36 pcs, mind you. Damn big box and nicely arrange, with all pencils sharpened nicely. He replied to me "Cos I don't want to take out". And continued to use JD's. He  even said "I NEED BLACK" and my son just passed to him. Helo? My son is your what ? PA ah? No way, man. So I went and told teacher about it and Jeng Jeng Jeng, she went and told them off. And they quietly take out their own colour pencil. Wah seh... this is no good man. I don't mind my kid being generous and sharing his stuff but then that is so obvious that he is being bullied. No wonder, his colour pencil always go missing and the colour pencil seems to be short in a very short period of time.

Ai.. this JD. Really headache. He is the "tidak apa" kind of attitide and gets bullied so easily. Used to get whacked by a girl in school also diam diam and let her twist his ears. I have also seen the same boy that used his colour pencil, smacking him and asking friends not to "friend" him.  But after some "counseling" session with him, now he knows how to protect himself. He can protect himself like shouting for help when someone snatch his toys in McD (actually Justin shouted and scold the guy first and he followed :S ) and also fight back when his cousin smacked him. But now, I need to tell him that sometimes we need to be selfish and need to becareful of certain ppl that have bad intentions. *scratch head*

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The crazy, naughty & angry one

Was at JD 's sch,I've just parked my car and told JT ...

Me: ok. Let's go get the crazy one.
JT: ok. Let's go take the crazy one. Then me leh?
Me: you're of course the notty one lah....
JT: ah ... Ok. The notty and the ANGRY one is going to take the crazy one!
Me: eh, who's the angry one?
JT: *giggle* you lah...
Me: 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who Killed The Fish?

He came down and told me that someone killed my goldfish. I knew who the killer was but then I just gotto test and see what he said

Actually I bought another gold fish (white and red) and the new guy attacked my old gold fish. So that was the killer but this lil guy said that Jayden is the murderer, while the brother is innocently playing ipad in the room. Terrible guy :P

Usually when I flip my phone he'll run away and refused to be videoed. But don't know why today I manage to "interview" him and he 'layan-ed' me. He even lie down on the floor and acted how the fish is  sleeping sideways but 2nd interview he refused to do it again. haha Better keep this and show him next time  :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

I throw mami's cane away edi!

JT: Dadi, I throw Mami's cane (hanger) away edi!
Me: *overheard* oh really?? then I will go supermarket and buy 100 pcs more.
JT: then I throw samo!
Me: Then I go buy samo!
JT: Then........*think think*....I fast fast run away!

hahhaa he know that he cannot stop me from buying more hanger. So the wisest option is to , of course run away. :P

Friday, October 14, 2011

Trick Me?

Justin loves to win. He must win everything. Even going upstairs, he must be first. If he's the last one, then he'll start to cry and insist you go down again and let him win. o.O I know, so kiasu. So since he likes to win....

JT: Mami.. I love you so much *kiss*

Me: Oh baby, love you too. But you are so naughty lah..

JT: No.. you're naughty girl

Me: I am naughty girl and you are naughty boy. But, I'm the naughtiest girl! I WIN!

JT: *angry and wanna win* Hey! No! I am... (he wanted to say he is the naughtiest boy but he stopped)....No. You're right. You're the naughtiest girl. You win.

Me: Nolah.... I let you win la. You're the naughtiest boy in the world. You win!

JT: No thank you. You win. You're the naughtiest girl in the world. It's okay. I loose

Tried to trick him to say that he is the naughtiest, but he knows what I am doing.  It's going to be a long and tough journey for me :S

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Use Your Heart

Was at shichida with Justin and there was this section where there are 3 cards, you turn them over and mix it up. And your gotto to try and locate the special card by guessing. This is to build the confidence for the kid and the intuition of guessing.

So he tried to find , failed. He told me "mami, i found the wrong one".

I said "it's okay. Try again. And maybe you should close your eyes and use your heart to feel the card that you wanna find".

And he said "okay".

He closed his eyes, and put his hand on the middle card.

He flipped it and it was the right card.

He was super happy and excited.

And he said he wanna do it again.

So I mixed the cards up, and he closed his eyes and found the card again.

I was kinda emo that day because I was in doubt over some matter and couldn't decide. And then I told myself, just follow my heart and decide. So I said the same thing to Justin and he did it. And guess what, I followed my heart and I was right too.

And after I did that, I overheard the parents next to us whispered to the kid "You cannot find ah? Nevermind you close your eyes and use your heart to feel okay?"



Sasha Cook: Lemon Coke Chicken Wings

I suck at cooking.


No Joke.

So I told myself, no more cooking the same crap everyday. I need to explore more recipes and make dinner more enjoyable and not just merely making my kids full.

So I went to google google and I stumbled across a recipe, Lemon Coke Chicken Wing. But I didn't save the recipe.

And then I went to the wet market and stood like an idiot in front of the chicken seller and she asked "yes? nak apa?" I just pointed at the chicken wing and bought 5 chicken wings home. Totally forgotten what the recipe ingredients are, I just simply hantam the recipe.

I marinated the chicken with lemon juice , pepper and also some grated lemon for about half a day in the fridge.

Then I pan fried the wings till its cooked and then I poured in some coke (of course), some brown sugar and some soya sauce. Let it simmer and the sugar and coke will caramelised into thick sauce. oh la la...

Jayden said "mami, this chicken taste like coke and lemon" and ate 3 drumlets. The tiny one had 2 I think. I , myself like it. I asked my hub he said "okay ler....". Okay so here goes something new for myself. Now, I gotto go and think of what to cook next. tata

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pull Along Basket/trolley with chair

Now that Govt implemented that Saturday is a non-plastic day, I can see many people started bring mini trolleys and pull along basket out to shop. That day we're in Metrojaya, looking for a pepper cracker and then Justin was complaining that he was so tired. Then I saw a chair not far from where we're standing so I just put him on the chair. Then only I realised that it was actually a pull along basket with a chair.
So cool right? If not mistaken its about Rm69.90. Look at the stoned face, dead tired and mom is not going home yet. Now we know what is the chair for. haha

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Got Bitten By A Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf that is.

All these (plus a few more of daddy's collection in the toilet) costs us Rm114.

We brought the 2 of them along. They had fun walking up the hill, sitting at one corner, fighting over the same book then both let go of the same book, and then the last bit was the bus ride to the carpark. But the best part was when I met with my blog reader *wave wave - you know who you are :) *, she called out their names and they got a shock. Even I got a shocked cos I never thought that I still have readers although I blog less and hop less too now. Anyway thanks for your support and encouragement.

When I saw this book, immediately I took it. So suitable for my kids. Mess Monsters. Thats what they are. That night, I turned off the lights and used a small reading lamp and read to them. I read it really slow... with a very scarry voice and by the end of the page, Justin asked me immediately accompanied him clean his playroom. *lol* I'm a terrible mother, I know! Anyway if you like to read, the BBW is the right place to go. Buy and keep for Christmas, Birthdays or whatever cos it is really cheap.

Monday, October 10, 2011

How much has he grow?

This was Jayden's foot during his fullmoon...

and this is his foot few days ago...

That is how much he has grown...

Friday, October 07, 2011

Sasha cook: Homemade Tofu

Since I made some soya bean milk, I thought "hey why not try and make some tofu out of it since I have so much soya milk. I remember Malaika and Kelsey's mum made this before so I quickly google for it and started making it right after I was done with my soya bean milk.

You need :
500ml of soya milk, unsweetened
6 eggs
and 1/4 tsp of salt

Break the eggs and beat lightly. Then add in the salt and soya bean milk. You need to line the container of your choices with cling wrap and then strain the mixture into the container and steam it over low fire for 20 mins.

I made the mixture into 2 container cos my family is small so we don't need such a big portion. I gave another container to my neighbour. Cos she always cook for me and I think my cooking is not so nice. So I thought why not give raw food and she cook it herself. hehe

And this is how it looks like when I removed it from the container.
Since it's made of egg and soya bean milk, so its yellowish in colour

And this is what I prepared for my family that night.
Sorry ah.. my presentation skill is very bad terrible. 

Simple meal with some soya sauce and sesame sees oil sprinkled on top. I added abit of sugar and then fried some shallots and pour it over the tofu. I wanted to sprinkle some spring onions on top but I don't have it in my kitchen.

(Self Reminder: buy some spring onion next time and keep in the kitchen or plant own so will have own supply anytime)

Personally I think its very easy to make your own tofu. If you don't have any homemade soya bean milk, you can always go to the soya bean seller and ask for the unsweetened one and its the same. But once I bough a bottle of unsweetened soya bean milk in a bottle, went home and found out that it is spoilt. So since then I never thought of making it until I prepared my own soya bean today. Try it, its easy :)

Sasha Cook: Homemade Soya Bean Milk

I have always wonder how is it like to make my own soya bean milk. So while shopping at Jaya Grocer, I saw a pack of soya bean and bought it. It was around Rm2.60 for that pack. Forgot how heavy it is and didn't bother cos I thought I'll fail making it.

So I soaked the bean overnight and it became huge, almost doubled the size. So I microwaved it for 2 mins to get rid of the beany smell and then only blend it with some water. The straining part is the hardest as I used the finest strainer (for kopi-O) so I had to use my hands to squeeze the milk out. My son said "mami, are you "milking" the soya? haha So finally was the cooking part. I manage to get some pandan leaves from my garden and put in together with the soya bean milk and cooked it for 20 mins. Voila! Soya bean milk is ready.

It is easy, but of course there are alot of washing to do. The blender, the strainer, the containers, the pot and also the kitchen. If only I have the super Thermomix machine that can do it all in the machine in 20 mins time. *sigh* But nevermind.... before I can save enough money to buy it, I'll just do it manually, long time once. hehe
Jayden enjoying his soya bean milk - mami's brand. 

Thursday, October 06, 2011


I noticed that I hardly post makan-makan post anymore. Think maybe after Justin started to crawl then I stopped blogging about food edi. Probably hard to control 2 fellas while eating or probably we just stop going to nice/new place to try new food and go for the usual.

So anyway, last week (or is it last last week?) we went hunting for dinner that night and we ended up at this place : OnePot

It's located at the corner shoplot opposite McClient's Florist in SS2.

I think the sauce selection is similar to the one in 100degree.

This caught Jayden's attention. A touch screen built in pc with internet. He played angry birds and also watched youtube while eating. But the internet speed is man. As long as can keep the kids occupied while we eat it's good enough.

Anyway, what is special about this onepot? They have steamboat with many different kinds of soup or you can choose to have paper grill. What is paper grill?

You put a piece of paper on the grill and cook your food without oil. I personally think its okay, but kinda troublesome cos as you cook, you gotto add bbq sauce to it, then the food get cook, then the sauce will kena the paper, then the paper will burn abit, then become darker and darker and then the waiter/waitress will come and change the paper. Then you re cook again..... and again. Not forgetting the staff is really helpful. They took turn to stand at our table and cook for us. *paiseh maxxxx*

We ordered the Rm29.90 package for the grill and add some corn soup (rm5 for a very big portion and free refill- YAY!) and noodles  for my kids. The grill package came and my hub asked me "That's all for you and me ah???" I didn't have the chance to take pic of the grill package cos the staff came and started to cook for us. So I only took pic of the hand and how they cook . hehe Anyway, back to the package it's really small portion compared to the one we had in Pulau Ketam Steamboat or 100degree. So what to do?  Drink alot of corn soup lor since it's free refill.

Since the seats and tables are mounted to the wall and "someone" refused to sit on the baby high chair, he gotto squat and eat that night. haha  Kids were happy cos they both got the "colour" of spoon, plate, bowl and cup of their choices and also watch youtube while eating. But mum and dad went home half full but luckily we can easily find supper :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Magic Plaster

We're at Summit and  I noticed that Jayden had scratched his leg and some blood was oozing out pretty badly. So I went to the nearby Guardian and wanted to pick up some "ordinary" plaster that will cost me less than rm3 a pack. Jayden came in dragging his feet as though its so painful and asked me to buy another plaster. "this one better" he said. Fine, I bought it although it's Rm5.90 for 10pcs pack.

So I put it on for him and instantly he smiled. And he can even walk properly now. Magic plaster? I don't know.

See can stand straight , right away!

Told you its magic plaster.

He likes Finn McMissile cos he is blue. That pc of plaster just costs me 59cents per piece.
But since its magic plaster that can heal instantly, 59 cents also worth it lah right? :P


I was working from the dining table and then I saw Jayden did this.

This is what he likes to do. Headstands, literally using head only.

And then he asked Justin, "Justin you do it too"

I heard Justin said "okay...Okay..... I will do it too..........."

I turn to my right and I saw this


haha did my Kids make you laugh? they certainly made me laugh!