Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Woke up and went down to make milk for JD.
At the same time put clothes in, on the washing machine.
Came up, pass the milk bottle to him and wash up.
Then got him to wash up and get dressed for school.
Hub said he is not going for meeting, so I gotto send him to school. So I did.
Came back, ate breakfast, washed porch area.
Bathed dog.
Hang clothes to dry.
Cook Lunch.
Titi woke up. Make milk. Wipe bum for him. Changed him.
Sweep ground floor.
Mopped ground floor.
Cleaned kitchen.
Breath for a while.
Bath and get ready to pick JD.
Lunch. Clean up kitchen.
Revision/homework with JD.
Bath kids.
Come up and work on the same design since last week. Sit until bum also nearly died.
6 o'clock went to mums to have dinner.
Came back at 9.30, work samo.
10 plus get kids ready for bed.
Prepare milk, and pengsan by dunno what time.

Woke up.
Put clothes in washing machine.
Boil water.
Make milk.
Brush teeth and change clothes.
Pass milk and clothes to JD and asked him to get ready himself.
Came down to prepare lunch box for JD.
Sent him to school.
Came back, breakfast.
Wash porch area. 
Raining, cannot hang clothes. Put clothes in dryer.
Work start. Yeap, the same design since many days ago. Brain froze, needs CPR edi.
11.44 am. Justin woke up. Fed milk. Changed him.
Went to lunch with sister.
Traffic jam while on the way to pick JD.
Damn, very late edi.
Got there late, and they're about to hand him over to daycare but I got there in time. Saw the relieved face of Jayden who's about to cry.
Came home, put soup on stove to warm up.
Asked JD to do his homework and went up to check email from customer.
Totally forgot about the pot. Pot got burnt, total black.
Take things out from fridge and prepare new batch of soup and get stuff for dinner ready.
Go up and work samo.
Brain in ICU.
Work, Email sent. Replied, Change samo. Oxygen mask on.
Then email sent.
5 o'clock. Cooked fish and cooked rice. Soup ready.
Got upstairs. Looked around. Need to clean upstairs. House looked like tornado came and left.
Got the broom, swept, Mopped, arranged toys, sofa (oh yeah... sofa also can shift place, that's my kids), make the bed (again!)
Hub's back for dinner.
Serve dinner , ate with half body awake.
Cleaned up kitchen.
Bathed kids.
Bathed myself. Sat in Justin's big tub (not so big for me but heck, what I care. Nearly fall asleep in the tub. Washed hair and dragged myself to off my MAC only to see reply from customer. Amended some stuff and quickly send off email and off my MAC for good for the night.
Fold clothes while watching tv.
Make milk for kids, and went to faint on bed.

Dreamt that my other neighbour that I hardly talk with, came and told me :
Mrs Chan, your house hor.... very kao lat. Very messy hor?
I thought eh... how come u know wan? U never come into my house before ma
She said of course I know. I can see ma.. outside also the shoes is not in proper.
And your floor hor.... She used her leg to swipe the floor and can see that the floor had a big stain like as if never mopped for ages and its like oily. 
I said in shock BUT I JUST MOPPED WOR! how come like that????
Then she di di da da complained and complained about how dirty and messy my house is.
And in my dream, I just thought sei lor.. I cleaned and cleaned.. and still its messy and not good enough. Sigh, I need to use soap to wipe the floor, then wipe with water again, dunno have to wipe with water how many times only the soap can be removed.
And I woke up.

Wah very tiring. When I am awake I'm cleaning and working like robot. When I am sleeping, I kena sound for not cleaning and doing enough. It's just too tiring. Damn tiring. I know I am overworked. But gotto hang in there cos I need to finish this project a.s.a.p so I can take a break. Gambateh Sasha!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mumbles in my head

*Opened eyes*
How come my alarm didn't ring?!
Is it Monday?
How come I never iron uniform last night?
Aiyo, Die!
Need to iron now.
Eh wait.
It's not Monday.
It's.. Saturday.
*slap forehead*
go back to sleep.

*opened eyes*
why my alarm ring when its Sunday?
Did I iron uniform last night?
Oh yeah , I did.
Damn, its Monday.
Get Up la..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cheapest, Fastest And Easiest Play Dough Ever!

It's going to be school holiday, again! This time one week long. Although there's public holiday in between, there are some days where the kids will just spend the entire day playing the Ipad, watch Thomas DVD over and over again, and also mess the entire house and make you completely worn out by the time school restarts. 

Anyway, still got to plan some activities for them and also spend some quality time with them. Poor fellas, I think they felt they are being neglected. The older one said to me the other day "Why don't you just quit your job?!" My jaws dropped. Where did he learn such thing? Anyway, it's a wake up call for me. And then while I was thinking on what to do with them, suddenly Mott's 5min Play Dough just flew across.

playdough pic and recipe can be found here

I tell you, its super fast and easy (just mix everything and stir and chuck into the microwave!) and best of all its cheap. And the kids can just mix all the colours together and make crap colours at the end of it and you can just throw it away and make fresh batch whenever they wanna play again. These are the stuff we made just now. hhahahah Excuse the pic, cos I used my pathetic handphone camera.

left: my version of caterpillar and right: justin's version of caterpillar.

hahhaha it looks like a snake more right? Anyhow, just let him explore by himself and see what creative stuff he can make with more practice. Jayden had fun rolling his fav Blue playdough with the rolling pin and making shapes using my bento cutters. Since its so easy, this is going to be one of our activities this coming school holiday. :) Try it, you'll love it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

If You don't stand up for your son, who else is going to do it?

Last year around this time, hub and I both got into a heated argument. I remember very well that it was after Justin's birthday party. Someone made a remark about Jayden. He asked "why Jayden likes to play train only? Why he doesn't play with other people? Why he likes to spin like that ? Why Why Why" So hub told me that night that maybe we should get Jayden checked and something is wrong with him. I cried, of course. I cried more cos "someone" said that my house is messy and made the kids brain is messy too. So I cleaned the house at 12.30am until 3 am. I cleaned the damn house until it's speck clean and I fell asleep on the sofa cos I took sleeping medicine, knowing that I will be extremely active after cleaning the house.

The next day, I thought if he has something wrong I will get help for him. So I went and observe other kids in his class. I noticed that not only him has that characteristics. Some kids only talk to certain people. Some kids talk to every tom, dick, and harry.Then onwards I became an observer until today I am still doing it. The way he hold pencil , used to be wrong. But so many is wrong. So everyone is not right is it? Then onwards, I told myself if someone gotto stand up for him before he can stand up for his own, then it's gotto be ME.

This year, the same boy made the same remark. He asked me "Why Jayden doesn't like to play with other people wan?" I asked him back "do you play with everyone?" He said "No. Only some people that I like". "Then why Jayden cannot play with whoever he likes?" He said "but he only play with his brother". I said "But Justin is his best friend. Why he cannot play with his best friend?" He then ask "why he only like trains?" I asked him back "What do you like?" He said "PSP and PS3 games lor" "Then why not you like other things?". I asked him back "why don't you like other things besides PSP and PS3?" He replied "cos its boring". "So maybe Jayden also think that other things besides trains are boring too?". He said "yeah hor...then why he likes to spin". I said "when I was small I used to spin like that. And I think its nice , and after you stop you will see the world is spinning . Its funny la. Why cannot is it?" He said "No.. No..".

Then onwards, he never ask anything and he began to play with Jayden.

Then his dad said that the way he writes his name is weird. I went and check out others, few kids writes the same way.

When he gets excited he will start to jump and then hold his birdie. Of course I went and observe, guess how many of his classmates are doing that?

About spinning, I noticed that a few of his friends are doing it too. I used to do it, why can't he do it? What spin also against the law ah now?

So you see, people likes to talk, judge and simply say things. But it is my duty to stand up for him when someone tried to kill him with words.If not me, then who else, right?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Same Style

We find it weird special the way he writes his name.

See that the y is in Capital Y and not small y.

So this morning while I accompanied him to pass up his homework, I noticed something.

haha Do you see what I see?

Not only they write the y in Capital Y but the writing is almost the same!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Child Of Mine

In the car, turning into the house's porch..

JT: Jayden, your bestfriend is home edi (saying that their daddy is home and dadi is Jayden's best friend)

JD: *quickly hold my hand and whisper* mami..I love you. You are my best friend.

Me: huh? hahhaha I thought your best friend is dadi?

JD: no... no.. *kiss hand* you're my best friend. I love you or not?

Me: love... Then who's dadi's best friend?

JD: *whisper * justin la...

Sweet fella. Always worried that I might get upset or angry.:)

This is him, doing his homework. Just got back from school, ate lunch and straight to homework and revision. Sometimes when I see that he is too sleepy, I'll ask him to go and take a nap first but he insists to do homework first then only rest.

Sometimes I just look at him and I give myself a good pat at the back. "Sasha, your screaming and tears all these while is paying off slowly..keep on the good work" . Sendiri praise sendiri you think? Of course ma! People will only pijak pijak and criticise when they see something wrong. But when you are doing something good they will praise the kid "GOOD BOY!". No one will say "GOOD MOMMY!" Right? hahhaha

Anyway, I'm just grateful that he is so good and hoping that Justin will follow his footsteps, cos Justin really look up to him as his idol. That's why I am extremely strict with Jayden.

P/S:I hope I don't jinx it.

POuR AwAy!

Justin usually:
Wakes up and walk to me, quietly.
Then I'll greet him with a hug and "Good Morning baby. Did you have a good sleep? Did you dream of me?"
And he'll answer ....some stuff la depending on his mood.
Then I'll say "okay, why don't you go and wait for me and I make "celebration time" for you?
And he'll run to the bedroom and lie down on the bed waiting for his milk.

So this morning, I was at my working room and he came over.
I asked him "DO you want milk?"
He said NOPE! and walked to his playroom to play with his new train.
So since I went down stairs to do something, I thought why not make milk just in case he change his mind when he sees it.

While going up, he was at the staircase.

Me: oh? You don't want it?
Me: * think..: should I pretend to go down to the kitchen and come out again and said Oh I pour away edi.. this is new one or just stand firm. Decision made and walked to my working room and put the milk on the table*
JT: *hug the chair's leg* you pour away.. pour THIS ONE AWAY NOW! *whine Whine Whine Whine samo*
Me: Look. I only make one time and this is the one that you will drink or I will give it to BoBo Later.
JT: No! It's my milk.
Me: So?
JT: I'll drink it!
Me: Fine!
JT: *took milk and went off*

There, another session of Mr Angin.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr Angin: Part "dunno what number edi"

Last Friday..
 Before we went for his class, he refused to wear underwear. He said he only wanna wear his jeans. So when I insisted that he put on his undie, he lied down on the staircase and refused to move and cried cried cried...

 So I said," fine. Don't go. I'm going to the class myself!" And he quickly rushed out but refused to wear his Blue crocs. Only wants red crocs. But I don't know where are the red ones, so I said "nevermind la.... wear blue lah..." and he scolded me "NO! I ONLY WANT RED SHOES!" I said fine.. "don't wear anything" and I went into the car. And of course he quickly put on blue shoes and hopped into the car.

And he slept in the car and woke up in class. And havoc again. Asked me why I removed his shoes for him. "I want to wear back my shoes !" "Fine. go and wear yourself" I said. He said "No. You must wear it back for me". I replied "Nope". So he went back out, put on the shoes and removed them again and came into the class. And he was a jolly dude in class.
And even jolly-ier when I bought him his colourful sprinkled donut for snack.

*put minyak angin and rub rub*

Monday, August 08, 2011

No More Dots Dots?

So both my kids took turn to get measles. First was Jayden, and then 2 weeks later was Justin's turn. So I have been staying most of the time at home with them, no jalan-jalan, just stay at home and rot.

Jayden and Justin playing with the ipad on the hammock, homebound cos of measles.

So last Friday I told them..

Me: Sleep early yeah... tomorrow we can go kai kai edi.
JT: we can go kai kai? Is it because I don't have dots dots anymore?! *hands rubbing on body*
Me: YA MAN! no more dots!
JD: Is it because I also don't have anymore dots?!
Me: yeah, both of you recovered.
JD and JT: YAYYYYY!!!!!!
Me: so where do you wanna go tomorrow?
JT: I want to go to the ice cream soda, to buy ribena!
Me: HAH????  where is that? go to ice cream soda and buy ribena???? hahahhahaha
JT: yeah go to ice cream soda there , to buy ribena lah!
Me: okay okay we'll go to the ice cream soda to buy ribena for you tomorrow. Jayden, then where do you wanna go?
JD: I want to go ikea!
Me: Hah? Ikea? To see furniture ah?
JD: *smile smile*

Justin wanna go to Ice Cream Soda to buy ribena = Wanna go to 7-11, cos he saw the ice cream soda next to the ribena the night before. Hence 7-11 = Ice Cream Soda. hehe

Jayden wanna go to Ikea = actually he wanna go to metrojaya curve to play with the wooden track with his own trains.

Note for myself:
Jayden Measles Discovery Date :12/07/2011 
Justin Measles Discovery Date: 27/07/2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

Am I normal?

I used to think alot about this. Am I normal or not? Why is it so hard for me to cope with the housework when it seems like so easy for others. No one complains except me. Why ah? Am I lazy? Is it too hard? Is it, so many is its.

I opened my facebook and ppl are posting about holidays, happy moments, food, everything damn thing that happened. And I looked at mine and all I post about is my kids. Boring? I don't know. That's all I can talk about anyway. When I am at home, I sit down and I look at both my kids eating lunch. And they'll talk about Thomas all day. "You know why Gordon is so fast?" one asked. "Because he pulls the express trains!" another answered.  When my hub is home and having dinner, we looked at each other cos both our kids talk about trains again. And I asked him "feel like a stranger sharing a table at the restaurant? hehe welcome to the gang". I said "at least you can go out and talk to your customers and friends. Me? haha I talk to the wall" Noticed that housewives gather at the playground and they seems to talk and talk and talk? I don't blame them. Imagine, that's the only time u get to talk "LIVE".

Then I read this book, GoodNight Nobody. A housewife and a mum of 3 kids. When she was at the playground, looking at all mums yakking, all properly dressed, the kids all nice and happy. Their house are always speck clean with fresh flowers decorated. She wondered "why are they so perfect? Am I not normal?" Oh Bingo! I said. That's exactly how I felt.And I wonder and wonder...and then I saw one of my friend's FB status:

A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She's always well dressed, hair done. She never swears, behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, have just realized that you might be a man.

haha funny ain't it? And then I remember this sentence that my aunt told me , she said her son (my cousin) said it to her "A neat house is not a cosy house". haha. To be honest I'm very scared to be in a house that is superbly neat, cos it looks like a showhouse with labels "DO NOT SIT" or "DO NOT TOUCH" sign. Once we went to another cousin's house and she bought some wood furniture and my son went and played train on the furniture and scratched it. Her face.. FUIYOH... and the mum can say "that chair is 5k you know?"  Staying in a house like that is really "heart attack". Better shrink wrap every human that goes into the house la, right? Anyway... what am i writing ah?  Oh yeah.

I think I am normal la but I am the kind that is expressive and not the kind that keeeep and keep everything and then diam diam cry at one corner.  If I wanna cry I will stand in the middle of the house and cry loud loud. Cos its my own house ma. It's not an easy task to get the house looking like a house with 2 boys around. People said that "cleaning the house with kids are like shoving snow while its snowing".  So I do what I can, when I can. Perfect , my house can never be. But cosy, is definitely.

P/S: sasha what talking you?????
P/S/S: muahahhaa I also dunno. I just wanna express what i feel inside. Can or not?