Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Father and Son, same same.

Normally when I talk to Big C in the car he'll say...

Me: Bla Bla Bla
Big C: Don't talk first.. i cannot concentrate

Big C: *reach destination* okay, what did you say just now?

Last night...
Justin: Kor Kor you see that one...
Jayden: Don't talk. Don't talk first..
Jayden: Okay. I can see Golden Screen Cinema edi. Now You can Talk.
Justin: :)  Kor Kor this one.. blablabla

You see....Father and Son, same same.

p/s: I have no idea why he cannot talk before he see the GSC name on the building. Make me wonder too but his titi really wait until he say okay you can talk now, then only he continue to talk. hehe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I won! I won!

Muahahaha These 2 months been great, cos I finally won not only one, but TWO (see it big big here babeh, T-W-O!) things.

Initially I won 1 DVD but the dvd was returned back to the company. So they resent again and added one more for me. Muahahhaha So at the end I have 2 DVDs! You say, lucky or not?

And I thought that was going to be the only thing I will ever win, and then one Sunday I received an sms from Lilhyppo's Mum and she told me that I just won the Baby Tooth Organizer!

Woot! Luck, please keep coming. I really need it!

Thanks to Parent Reviewers and Also FAB Mom & Tots for the opportunity and prizes.
Really cheered me up when I was down and gave me hope that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The small one was eating grape and he said to me...

"Mami, can you take out the brains for me?"

Brains = Seeds

what a way to describe it. O.o

My lil monster

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bring The Cane

In the Car.. reaching home

JT: Mami, bring the cane.
Me: err why wanna bring the cane?
JT: because..... I pekpek (poop) ohdi.
Me: Ah? You pekpek edi? Why you never tell me you wanna pekpek?
JT: not yet :P (translation : not yet tell.... now told you ohdi lor.....)
Me: O.o *char dou*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jayden: I like Koong Koong More

Me: Why?

Jayden: Cos he lets me play train on his body :)

You see la..... My dad really spoil my kids. My dad is very scared of being tickled but you can see he just "tahan" by biting his lips. Jayden would move the train on his n1pples, then to the belly button, then to the "Ahem" and when he cover his n1pples, Jayden will say "koong koong, open. My train want to move here *pointing at the n1pples* " and he really open for him to move the train there *slap forehead*

Monday, October 11, 2010

Popcorn and Coke

We're at the cinema the other day for Sammy's Adventure. Before the show started, the kids started eating popcorn and drinking coke. I saw Jayden sitting so comfy, so I spoke to him.

Me: Jayden, you like popcorn huh?

Jayden: Yes. I like popcorn.

Me: Do you like popcorn more.. or titi more?

Jayden: Titi more.. *sip Coke*

Me: Then what about between Titi and Coke? Which one do you like more?

Jayden: ermmmmm Coke.

Me: O.o then between Coke and Mami leh? (in head: aiyoh u better not say you like coke more i tellyiu....)

Jayden: Mami! *big smile*

Me: *phew* then do you like Coke more Or Dadi More?

Jayden: COKE!

Me: hahaha okay...

Friday, October 08, 2010

I used to grow up in my dad's car workshop due to some reasons. So besides playing with tools and greasy stuff, I used to play with the plastic covers (they use to line the car before they sit on the chair to avoid making it dirty). I used to cut it up and then stapler them together to form wedding gowns.

Nolah! not so nice but then I really thought that I am going to be a wedding gown designer one day. *cough cough* and I end up being *cough cough* a housewife *cough* that sew bags at home.
Ai...... so....damn.....disappointing.

Anyway... So yeah, I have nuthing to play with and so I played with plastic sheets. So the other day when my Justin started to use the bits and pieces of zips that I have cut off from my bags and he started using it to play with his trains. Ah.. that really reminds me of me playing with the plastic sheets in my dad's workshop. You just gotto find whatever you can find and make the most out of it.

I just hope that he will turn out to be someone useful and not like his *cough cough* mum. :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mini Me

in jaya grocer..

Justin : *picks up cucumber and throw into cart*
Jayden: eh no...don't do that. Put it back. *put back cucumber*
Justin: *pick carrots from cart and throw it back into the display shelf*
Jayden: eh no... nooo nooooooo don't do that. *pick up carrot and put back into the cart*
Me: *wondering : why sound so familiar wan?*

In the car...
Justin: mami.. i want to eat biscuit.
Jayden: Justin. No. you go home, then eat rice first. Then only can eat biscuit okay?
Justin: No. I want to eat biscuit now.
Jayden: No cannot. Eat rice first okay?
Justin: Okay.

Then I realize that Jayden is a mini me. As in the way I speak. The way I will react.

Truly, I am blessed to have him as my first born. Cos he helps me to take care of Justin, entertain him, play with him, sleep with him while I am working. He is independent, sometimes too independent (for example washing his own bum after poop but not clean enough). He seldom makes me angry, in fact I don't remember when I seriously got angry with him. He is just such a sweetie and I appreciate every moment I have with him now before he gets really big and start to look at girls :P

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What Happen After The Sick Episode

The kids been sick for the past 2 weeks. First it was Jayden, followed by Justin. I nearly got the bug too but I had my flu jab not long ago so the sickness was stucked half way. I have been popping echinacea pills to get rid of the flu bug. Caring for sick kids is really no fun. I felt as if I'm a full time nurse without medical uniforms. Dadi's shift began as soon as he reached home from work. He will remove his working clothes and I can imagine him putting the lab coats! *lol*

Thank god they are fine now. Justin still has the sniffles but its less compared to last week. We've been pulling our hair cos he is very cranky and whines all the time. In our house, he will bully his father, requesting him to stand up and carry him O.o and the father will oblige and follow whatever his son requests him to do. In my parents' house, he will request my dad to be on his fours, pretending to be cow or horse for him to ride. Whatever he says, mum will say "okay okay, can can". If I asked that when I was his age probably I get ignored. What a Lucky fella!

The chinese has a saying that every time the kid get sick, they will be naughtier cos everyone would give in when they are unwell. And I noticed that too. That's why when they are not so well, I'll give in just a little and not spoil them cos trouble comes after they recover. But anyhow, I'm just glad that they are better now :)